14 Players Valued Than Ronaldo In The Transfer Market

ronaldo somtosports 1
ronaldo somtosports 1

Despite being the most followed player on photo sharing apps, Cristano Ronaldo is not really that much valued in the transfer market.

According to research conducted by Somtosports, CIES Football Observatory has revealed that Ronaldo isn’t that valued in the transfer market.

Please note that the article you are about to read is based on the fee coresponding to the kind of team likely to be interested in acquiring the about to be listed players’ services.

CIES Football Observatory shows that Cristano Ronaldo is actually worth €125.2 million in the transfer market, which is lower than that of several players in the industry.

The diagram below, illustrates Ronaldo’s market value.

Cristano Ronaldo Value
Cristano Ronaldo Market Value.

Having brought this to your knowledge, we will now see other players who are worth more than Cristano Ronaldo in the transfer market, despite him being the most successful footballer and the role model of many.

14. Eden Hazard


Eden arrived Chelsea for a transfer fee of €32 million on June 4th, 2014. It is 4 years now and the 27 year old’s market value is impressively moving upwards following his exit rumors and Los Blancos’ interest in signing the Belgian.

Hazard is presently worth €132.5 million in the transfer market. Such a commodity!

Hazard market value
Hazard’s market value.

13. Roberto Fermino


Despite joining Liverpool for an amount as little as €29 million, Roberto’s performance has seen him through. The Brazilian is now considered as one of the best strikers on the planet. 

Any club that presently hungers to have the 33 year old striker, should be ready to spend  a whooping sum of €145.2 million. Roberto is really gunning for the sky.

Firmino's market value
Firmino’s market value.

12. Leroy Sane


Being part of the dreadful Guardiola’s squad, Sane’s performance has placed him as on our list. Having scored 8 goals in 14 league appearances for Manchester City, Sane is mostly feared for his ability of getting past defenders, most especially on the touchline. 

Sane is actually worth €150.5 million in the transfer market. There are also exit rumors linking him to several teams in Europe.

Sane's market value overtime
Sane’s market value.

11. Antoine Griezmann


The Atletico Madrid’s frontman is feared in the Laliga. But not as much as Ronaldo was, when he was in the Laliga. Griezmann  gave a hint of how dangerous he is, when he scored 6 goals in 7 appearances for his national team, France in 2016.

The  27 year old would cost potential buyers the sum of  €154.8 million.

Griezmann's market value
Griezmann’s market value.

10. Dele Alli


You might seem surprised seeing Alli on the list but I can tell you that he is really worth it. Alli is a terror to Premier league defenders, the kid can actually create chances from any angle and in any position.

Alli is worth €158.6 million and the diagram below solidifies that.

Alli's market value overtime
Alli’s market value.

9. Romelu Lukaku


Despite  the criticisms Lukaku has been through due to his goal-drought for a while, the Manchester United striker still got some values in the market. I know many might be surprised to see Lukaku on this list, but it is just the way we saw it. 

Romelu is worth  €163.9 million actually.

Lukaku's market value
Lukaku’s market value.

8. Lionel Messi.


Yes, Lionel Messi is actually valued in the  market place more than his direct rival, Cristano Ronaldo. Despite suffering a down-slide in the past years.

Lionel Messi is currently worth €165.3 million and plans are ongoing for the Argentine to make a switch from Laliga side, Barcelona to Italy to join probably Inter Milan. This is will definitely reflect on his market value.

Messi's maarket value
Messi’s market value.

7. Paulo Dybala


The Argentine is worth €167.2 million. Dybala is really a commodity that clubs will want to have, following his performance and consistency. 

Dybala's market value
Dybala’s market value.

6. Philippe Coutinho


Coutinho’s consistencies despite moving from English league to Spanish league, has made his a ‘hot cake’ in the transfer market.  Liverpool really made a lot of money in selling Coutinho to Barcelona. Liverpool brought him to Anfield for €8 million and sold him for €142 million. Ooh such a gain!

CIES Football Observatory shows that the Brazilian has stepped up in his value as he is currently worth €170.7 million.

Coutinho's market value
Coutinho’s market value.

5.  Raheem Sterling


Sterling is a player Liverpool couldn’t have lost. The player is full of potentials and am sure that is what Rafael Benitez saw when he signed the then 16 year old Sterling to Liverpool. 

Liverpool failed to manage the English man’s relationship with the Reds, thereby loosing him to Manchester City after a lengthy contract dispute between him and Liverpool.

Manchester City spent total of 49 million euro in acquiring the winger but potential would be ready to table €171 million to have the player.

Sterling market value
Sterling’s market value.

4.  Mohammed Salah


Last season Salah proved to the world that he is a goal machine, scoring 32 goals in 36 league appearances. Salah returned to action this season despite been tagged a “one season wonder”, Salah  has already scored 10 goals in 16 league appearances and ever ready to score more.

Salah is valued at €173.7 million.

Salah's market value
Salah’s market value.

3.  Harry Kane


The Tottenham striker was at first referred to as being “a bit chubby” and not “very athletic”, according to Liam Brady who was then in charge of Arsenal’s Academy when Kane was released from the academy.

Harry is one of the pillars of Tottenham’s front-line and the English man solidified this  fact by scoring 30 goals in 36 appearances last season.

Kane has been estimated by CIES Football Observatory to worth €199.0 million, very close to €200 million.

Kane market value
Kane market value

2. Neymar Junior 


Neymar’s value in the transfer market has been very high since his first official move to Barcelona.

Neymar actually cost Barcelona a fortune, no wonder they refused to disclose the actual amount they paid to have the player.

Even his move to PSG cost the French team, a whooping sum of €222 million.

Neymar is estimated to worth €201.9 million in the transfer market.

Neymar's market value
Neymar’s market value

1. Kylan Mbappe.


Young but talented enough to be on the list, valued at €216.3 million, the French man is really a commodity for the elites.

The 19 year old player is actually the most expensive player on our list.

Mbappe was the second most expensive player after his team-mate, Neymar when he signed for PSG. Although, it was reported to be a rumor then, €145 million plus €35 million in add-ons was the publicly released cost incurred by the team.

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