5 Captivating Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 8

Thomas Tuchel will be announced as Chelsea manager in few hours following dismissal of Frank Lampard

Chelsea decided it was time to bring in Thomas Tuchel as they immediately showed Frank Lampard the exit door following series of worrisome results.

Thomas Tuchel will be first handed a short term contract that will run for 18-months as agreements are been reached on the term.

Ahead of his arrival to Stamford Bridge to pick the mantle, we bring you details and interesting facts about the new manager.

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 7

It’s somewhat a shock that Tuchel fell off balance with the management and certain players at Parc des Princes despite after guiding them to their first UCL final.

The German is an exceptional manager who has results speaking loud for him, no wonder Chelsea quickly made decisions to bring him in short after he was dismissed at PSG.

The fact that he lost his place at PSG doesn’t mean his is a poor manager, but the issue was between him and the board.

Below are some of the interesting facts about Thomas Tuchel;

Holy Holy Signal Iduna Park

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 6

One of the super interesting fact about Thomas Tuchel is his ability to had gone two seasons without losing a game at home as Dortmund manager.

During his two seasons at Borussia Dortmund the 47-year-old never lost a home game as he finished 2nd during the first season in charge after taking up a team on the seventh place.

With a total of 107 matches played, Tuchel lost only 17 games and drew 23 while winning the remaining 67, amassing his win rate to 62.6%.

Ability To Dig The Best Out Of Youngsters

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind

This would be one of the traits that would make the youngsters at Chelsea worry less as Tuchel is one of the good lovers of having a young team.

Christian Pulisic and Arsenal’s Pierre Aubameyang are some of his tools which he singlehandedly brought to limelight.

Aubameyang reached a greater height at Dortmund under the watch of Thomas Tuchel, likewise Christian Pulisic who was considered threat whenever he was introduced in matches.

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 5

Another name who did great exploit under Tuchel was Ousmane Dembele as there are now chances Tuchel could push to have the Barcelona man come over to Stamford Bridge.

Ousmane Dembele became so good that his departure caused displeasure at Signal Iduna Park as that also led to Aubameyang’s move to Arsenal.

The likes of Hudson-Odoi, Tammy Abraham, Billy Gilmour, Reece James and Tino Anjorin would have nothing to worry about game time if they stay at the top of their game.

Unique Coaching Philosophy

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 4

Despite that he was likened to Jurgen Klopp for having succeeded him twice, Thomas Tuchel still embody his own unique coaching Philosophy.

I can consider this as one of the major interesting facts about Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel is very much defensively conscious but this time around he does that from the center of the pitch, leaving his attackers will less defensive worries.

This would be a good news to Kai Havertz who has been said to posses less defensive abilities.

Although he uses Klopp’s Gegenpressing approach, but in a another format.

What is Gegenpressing Approach?: The Gegenpressing approach is the German for Counter Pressing Approach. This is a tactical philosophy that lets you win back the ball closer to the enemies’ goalpost. According to Klopp who invented this approach, “It’s one pass away from a good opportunity”.

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 3

Unlike Klopp, Tuchel is more sensible with this approach, as he is a great lover of man-marking which puts his midfielders in more work while relieving the attackers of some defensive duties.

Thomas Tuchel favors three main formations, the 4-3-3 mostly, then the 5-3-2 and 3-5-2 depending on the defensive needs of the game.

He is able to switch formations multiple times after reading an ongoing game.

Super Tenure At Parc Des Princes

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 2

Unlike his 62.6% win rate at Dortmund, Tuchel got better at Paris Saint German with a win rate of 74.8%, dominating the League 1 before his dismissal.

Out of 127 games, Tuchel lost only 19 and drew 13 while amassing 95 wins with a whooping 234 goal difference.

Tuchel won six trophies in his two and half years as PSG manager and took the club to their first UCL final where they disappointedly lost to Bayern Munich after putting up a good fight against the German Champions.

Boldness to say it as it is

Interesting Facts About Thomas Tuchel That Will Blow Your Mind 1

This is an interesting fact about Thomas Tuchel that has had him lost his last two jobs.

Tuchel isn’t shy to confront issues as they are without fear or favor of who pulls the plug.

Falling off balance at PSG and Dortmund were all moves made by the Boards that he didn’t buy into as he immediately always disclosed of his displeasure with the approach.

On many cases, the Boards do get players different from what he asks for or lets go of those they promised to keep.

Tuchel is always ready to let out his heart, just like his sack from PSG. The manager quickly vented out his frustrations saying;

“We were one game from winning the Champions League,” he told SPORT1 in December.

“We never had the feeling we had convinced people and that they recognized our achievement. It sometimes makes you a little sad and angry.

“There are definitely extreme expectations here. You get the feeling the appreciation for what we do, particularly in the league, is not there as it is at, say, Bayern Munich.

“They always say, ‘They have [Angel] Di Maria, [Kylian] Mbappe, Neymar. Of course they win against Bordeaux – that’s not an achievement.’

“And with that there is no appreciation for our discipline, sustained play, the intensity of our play.

“It’s a shame for the players because very serious team performances can be completely wiped out.”

Chelsea will definitely be a side to watch from now onwards as he is expected to begin work by Wednesday with all agreements set to be signed between today and tomorrow.

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