Abedi Ayew Pele proclaims aversiveness over seeing his children play for the blackstars.

Abedi Ayew Pele proclaims aversiveness over seeing his children play for the blackstars.

Abedi Pele Ayew has revealed that he doesn’t enjoy watching his children while playing for the Ghanaian national team.

Abedi Pele Ayew who was often called “Maestro” enunciates in an interactive session with Ghanaweb the degree of anxiety that he faces when his ‘boys’ play.

The ‘Maestro’ as he is lovingly called explained that he can’t cope with the nervousness of watching his children end up at the losing end of matches, so he feels irrational whenever he watches them play especially in the shirt of the Black Stars.

Abedi Pele is the father of Jordan Ayew and Andrè Ayew who have been key players in the Ghanian senior team.

Abedi Ayew Pele at an interview with Ghanaweb

Abedi Pele who scored over 30 goals for the Black stars of Ghana and held the team’s cap band for six years says he dislikes watching his children feature for the Black Stars because of the perplexity of seeing them lose.


“ I have seen them play so many times, now I don’t like to see them especially now I don’t want to see them lose, I don’t want to see them with injury and I don’t want to see them with so many things,” Abedi Ayew said in the interview monitored by Ghanaweb.

The Black Stars of Ghana

He added, “ That kind of fear puts me in an emotional position when it comes to the children and especially the Black Stars I don’t like watching. When they are playing it’s like I’m on the field playing, the pressure is on me, it’s too much, my beloved wife also share in the lot of uneasiness”.

“It’s a very difficult situation when they are playing, I only run and come and watch a glimpse when one of them scores,” Abedi Ayew said with a comic look.

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