AC Milan Slams Their New Striker, Krzysztof Piatek

Piatek AC Milan Somtosports
Piatek AC Milan Somtosports

AC Milan might have slammed their new signing, Krzysztof Piatek after they blatantly refused to issue him the 9 jersey.

According to Thierry Nyann, a Ghanaian Sports Analyst, the Italian Side has refused to issue their new man; Piatek, the number 9 jersey.

Following the reports gathered by somtosports, it is stated that the number 9 jersey is made for Legends; Marco Van Basten, Atlafini Jose and Filipo Inzaghi right?

Yea, I guess so!

The former Genoa striker who arrived San Siro as Higuain’s replacement for a fee of €35 million would be with the Milan till June 2023.

Despite netting 19 goals in 21 appearances for his former side, Genoa, AC Milan refused to issue Piatek the number 9 jersey.

The Club stated that for him to have the jersey number, he must prove he’s worth it at San Siro.

Piatek somtosports
Photo: Courtesy (Piatek_K_somtosports)

Considering the fact that the Polish has till 2023 to stay with the club, taking the current Jersey (19) would be nice and then take a little while to impress the club into handing him the number he desires.

But come to think of it, was Milan right?

Denying him what he asked for?

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