After 30 years, History repeats it’s self. Liverpool wins premier league, Leeds wins Championship.

History has repeated it’s self after 30 years, as Liverpool wins premier league and Leeds United wins Championship.

In 1989/90, Liverpool won the first division of English football, while Leeds United won the second division and was promoted to first division. It all just happened again in 2019/20.

Apparently, the last time Liverpool won the premier league, Leeds also won the championship and was promoted, and it all happened again in 2020 just the way it happened in 1990.

30 years after, both teams again won their respected league with Liverpool, winning her first ever Premier League title haven’t have to wait for complete 3 decades (30 years) before they could win the league again. 

Leeds United after being promoted to Division 1 (Premier league) in 1990, spent 14 consecutive season in the top flight (1990/90-2003-04 season) winning the league in 1992, before been relegated back to Championship.

The team spent 3 season in the championship and got relegated to league 1 at the end of 2006/07 season, spent 3 seasons in league 1 before been promoted back to championship in 2010/11 season.

Leeds remained in the championship since 2011, pushing to make it back to premier league, and as history may have it, they won it the same time with Liverpool, repeating what hppened 30 years ago.

A big Congratulations to Liverpool Football club and Leeds United football clubs on their success after many years of struggling.
Well deserved!

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