Alaba’s future gets more complicated as his father claims Bayern “spread dirty lies about his salary..”

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Alaba’s father talked about his son’s Contract, saying he didn’t expect Bayern to spread lies.

The Austrian Champions league winner, David Alaba’s contract keeps getting complicating as both sides fail to reach agreement yet.

The 28 years old versatile player’s contract is about to expire, but he’s failed to pen down new contract due to failed agreement between him, his agent and the club.

The player had been a prime targets for some clubs, especially Chelsea and Manchester City and the player seems interested in moving to England.

Pep Guardiola is the man heavily linked to the player, as he plans to bolster his defense line. He had signed Ake from relegated Bournemouth and also targeting Napoli’s Koulibaly, Atletico Madrid’s Gimenez or Alaba.

Weeks ago, it’s Reported that ex Bayern present released some statements over Alaba issue, saying that Alaba “has a greedy piranha for an agent”

The former president told Sport1. “He lets himself be influenced by him very much. This is really all about the money. He is already at the best club in the world. Where else would he go? We had a coffee several times over the past weeks, but because of Zahavi there has not been a result yet.”

Claims has it that it’s because Zahavi, Alaba’s agent, who wants great pay rise in Alaba’s contract, that’s why they are yet to seal a contract.

David Alaba’s father George has talked about the contract saying “I didn’t expect Bayern to spread dirty lies in public about salary and commission claims.”

This issue gets even more complicating and could result in the player leaving the club.

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