Analysis: Top 5 flaws spotted in Chelsea shameful loss to Manchester City

Analysis Top 5 flaws spotted in Chelsea shameful loss to Manchester City

Frank Lampard’s fate as Chelsea manager is currently in doubt after Blues shameful loss to Man City

The Fulham based team let slip through their hands, an opportunity to fire back into the top 4 as they fell prey to Manchester City.

Ziyech returning to the squad had been perceived as a bolster for the Blues Squad who ended their previous game in a draw against Aston Villa.

Recent comments from Lampard disclosed that Ziyech returning assures advantage for Chelsea.

Failure to glue City players

Top 4 flaws spotted in Chelsea shameful loss to Manchester City 2

But things turned out sour for the home team after Gundogan first fired a fine shot pass Edouard Mendy who was slow to react.

Chelsea could still have been in a goalless line if they had glued on City players as they should.

On receiving a pass from the center, large space was spotted around Gundogan who pushed in from the center to work things out before receiving the pass once again to fire pass Mendy.

As you can see in the pictures above, Chelsea were always handing City that costly advantage, from Thiago Silva always been lured out in the open to excessive spaces for City attackers to blend in.

Unlike a serious team, Chelsea’s defense gifted goals with their act of laziness towards man marking opponents on their half.

Same scenario reoccurred on Phil Foden’s goal with Blues letting the English kid a lot of space in the center of their 18-yard box.

Foden receiving a pass, didn’t hesitate to fire pass Edouard Mendy.

Edouard Mendy was slow to react to shots fired at his post

This boils up the question of if ‘Mendy is actually the man for the job?” Or “his past clean sheets were results of a well composed Chelsea defense.

The former Rennes Goalkeeper let goals get pass him multiple times as he in addition to reacting slow to shots also failed to cover his position well.

His mistakes handed a costly opportunities to Manchester City who took good advantage.

A quicker reaction would have stopped Gundogan getting his name on the score sheet today.


Similar occurred with Foden as well who netted by firing into a gap very tight by the goalkeeper.

Lack of threat in Chelsea’s frontline

Blues went into the game leaving Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud out of the lineup as Timo Werner was trusted with the finishing duties.

Unlike the other established strikers in the squad, Werner has most of his games under Lampard been used at the flanks as this led to fans calling for the German to be used in his natural position.

Werner despite having excelled in previous games as a number 9 both at Leipzig and some of his games for Blues, the German failed to bring in that threat presence with him.

Top 4 flaws spotted in Chelsea shameful loss to Manchester City 5

Starting Abraham or Giroud would have brought in another kind of spirit in the front as these guys are clearly hungry for goals unlike Werner who got pressures mounted on him after several games without finding the back of nets.

Implementing Timo Werner’s number 9 role should have been on the coming fixture as Blues prepare to battle Morecambe. More times, Werner was seen killing attacks. No efforts to push in to find a space to fire.

Abraham or Giroud would have created something for themselves so as to establish that worry within City’s defense.

Weak LB and RB

Both Ben Chilwell and Cesar Azpilicueta were made to look lazy by City’s deadly attackers.

Chilwell on several occasions was seen bringing the ball back home, instead of penetrating to find a cross into the 18-yard box.

The English man seem not to have been fit for the game as the presence of Marcus Alonso could have done a damage to City from that angle.

Similar thing for Azpilicueta who was made to look ageing in his role, as he outran multiple times and also failed to record any deadly cross into the 18-yard box.

Worries within the Chelsea camp

The match illustrated how unserious the boys have been so far as this points to the fact that something is not right within the camp.

Lack of passion for the game was seen written all over Blues’ squad as they even while still 1 goal down did not push for an equalization.

2 and 3 goals down, Chelsea were still going like they were the ones leading the game. Pulisic made efforts to introduce fear from his angle but poor finishing in the center dashed all his efforts.

Top 4 flaws spotted in Chelsea shameful loss to Manchester City 4

Kante was solely responsible for the third goal, as he kicked the ball into a deadly zone after receiving a rebound from a free kick, this led to City’s stealer.

Introducing Gilmour, Havertz and Hudson-Odoi did in some way rekindled the fire in the squad as the trio came in with another kind of spirit, pushing attacks multiple times but there was a weak-to-finish Timo Werner who was most times out of position to receive in order to act.

Chelsea will battle Morecambe in few days and with Frank Lampard now officially under fire to produce results, we will see what Blues become.

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