Arsenal quickened to submit offer for Spanish Maestro after Zidane’s confession

Arsenal quickened to submit offer for Spanish Maestro after Zidanes confession

Arsenal could be getting close to the end of their ‘lack of creativity’ issues as Real Madrid manager makes clear admission on talented midfielder, Isco

The North London based team continue their search of that ‘key’ midfielder who could help erase the question of ‘why is Arsenal midfield so weak’.

One Maestro that has been a target for long now remains Alarcón Suárez who is mostly referred to as Isco which means ‘self-assurance and stability’.

It’s clear the former Malaga star has failed to find his place at Los Blancos as he is yet to make 40 appearances in a season with this season coming as the worst so far.

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The 28-year-old is keen on finding a team that would offer him proper playtime with Arsenal’s struggling midfield nature making them the most favorable side.

One mystery that still lingers in Gunners squad is why they have Mesut Ozil and yet still lack creativity as they have chosen not to field the World Cup winner.

Back at Santiago Bernabeu, Zinedine Zidane dropped a bombshell that could be serving as a huge greenlight for Arsenal to swing into a deal for the  €30m Madrid signing.

Following Zizou’s comment, it’s clear that Isco is struggling to find a place in the squad as he hasn’t featured in any important game so far as he has just made 29 starts in 88 matches since the 2018/2020 season to date.

“Isco is going to be an important player,” Zidane told Marca. “It is true that he is not playing much and I am not giving Isco the opportunity to show the player that he is.

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“I feel sorry for my players and I will never forget what I have lived with. He has to work hard to have another chance, but what is being talked about I can’t say anything because we do not control him.”

Isco to Arsenal remains the easiest escape route for the former Valencia man as his price also won’t be a hinderance to the move.

Arsenal are also faced with the threats of showing their manager the exit door despite having assured that they understand Arteta is doing a great work and are willing to stand by him.

Which in turn could interpret into stacking out funds to assist the manager in landing his desired players that would help return life to the squad.

Following Thomas Tuchel sack from PSG, Arteta could be under pressure to deliver now as Arsenal are now seeing a free-agent replacement.

Arsenal will battle Chelsea on the boxing day as they look to continue their continue their unbeaten boxing day run since 1987 with the most recent against Chelsea being the 2-1 victory in 2001.

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