Arsenal Smiles As Benatia Opts out

Arsenal might be looking to take advantage of Benatia’s slippery relationship with Juventus’ manager, Allegri.

With links to several European teams like Arsenal, AC Milan and so on, Juventus’ defender would be opting for an exit amid his absence from Allegri’s formation.

Allegri prefers to have the likes of Bonucci and Chellini feature on his defense line, thereby risking the chances of Benatia playing for the club.


Benatia as player, wants a club he would be assured of a proper play-time and Juventus seems not to be that club considering the fact that there are men who could produce better results than him on the position.


Maybe it might be due to some personal reasons that Allegri has decided to dump the French-Moroccan footballer.

Either ways, the defender would be opting for a play-time elsewhere and Arsenal seems to be a perfect place for him despite other offers from AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.


Arsenal would be hoping that the defender makes the switch and it would be on their favor following their need for a player with his abilities and role of play.

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