Atletico Madrid officially offers Benfica €126m for Joao Felix

Atletico Madrid officially offers Benfica €126m for Joao Felix_somtosports

Benfica look to make good money from the sale of their wonderkid; Joao Felix after they disclosed an offer of €126m has been received from Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid officially offers Benfica €126m for Joao Felix_somtosports

Joao Felix is 19 and would be the fourth most expensive player on the planet if the Atletico Madrid-Benfica deal succeeds.

Considered as one the most promising player to come from the Benfica youth team, Felix has really made the headlines with his performances.

A very good deal Atletico feels would benefit the club considering that the young kid can be used in different positions; Attacking midfield, second striker or even a winger.

In less than a year of been promoted to the Benefica senior team, Joao would be really bringing in lots of cash for The Eagles.

This was confirmed by the club when they shared to the stock market that Atletico Madrid has officially made a €126m offer for the youngster.

Benfica made a good investment on getting Felix as they disclosed that the €126m offer is €6m higher than the release clause.

Below is the official document stating an offer was received.

Felix is currently the youngest player to have scored a hat-trick after he netted 3 goals in their 4-1 europa league victory against Frankfurt.

Guess he would achieve more now he’s getting new opportunities and new challenges.

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