Barca fined a surprising amount for violating regulations in Griezmann’s deal

Barca fined a surprising amount for violating regulations in Griezmanns deal
Barca fined a surprising amount for violating regulations in Griezmanns deal

FC Barcelona have been fined an unbelievable amount for breaking regulations in signing former Atletico Madrid forward, Antoine Griezmann.

The mega million signing of Antoine Griezmann just sparked off a funny fine on Barcelona despite regulation body had earlier been reported of threatening to shut down Camp Nou.

Antoine Griezmann moving to Barcelona has been labelled a deal that was agreed before he terminated his last contract with Atletico Madrid.

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The case has been with the regulation body for quite sometime now and they’ve finally passed judgement on the Catalans.

According to allegations labelled by Atletico Madrid, it’s believed that the Blaugrana had already began secret talks with their client even before he signed the contract termination paper.

Atletico Madrid solidified their stand when they stated that no record of any such exist of them holding talks with Barcelona before the termination of Griezmann’s contract, so terminating a contract and signing another with a short period of time denotes foul-play.

The La Liga committee has therefore fined Barcelona a funny sum of €300 only for the violation of the competition rules, failure to do so is expected to amount to €602 or lead to disqualification or even suspension for a period up to 2 months or at least 2 meeting or closing of up to one match.

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Below is the document issued for the fine as Barca is declared to have expressed “the lack of disciplinary responsibility” of Griezmann.

Barca fined a surprising amount for violating regulations in Griezmann's deal

“Failure to comply with orders, instructions, agreements or
regulatory obligations issued by the competent federal bodies, with the exception of
specific ones classified as serious or very serious, will be sanctioned as
a minor offense and the sanction will be imposed, as determined by the
competent disciplinary body based on the rules contained in this Ordinance, a
fine in the amount of up to 602 euros, disqualification or suspension for a period of up to
two months or at least two meetings, or closing of up to one match.”

“The payment of €300 euros, beyond its symbolic nature, will not contribute to the sanctioned club and, probably, others who may be in the same situation, adapt their behavior”

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