Barcelona transfer news: Dani Alves career state as he hopes on online job search

Dani Alves career state as he hopes on online job search
Dani Alves career state as he hopes on online job search

Dani Alves is yet to find a club since he left Paris Saint German as a free agent following Barca refusal to take him back.

Alves is not getting the better taste of his career at the moment as his thoughts of easily returning to Barcelona is gradually crumbling.

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The Brazilian star-defender might no more feature in the Barcelona shirt till he hangs the boot. Performance is actually not the problem Catalans are having with the Brazilian.

Dani Alves was known for his disrespectful speech against Barca immediately he joined PSG, not knowing the table would take this turn in a time such as this.

Now, almost everything works against the defender. Barca currently have players who do well in his position, another reason why they give little to no ear to his pleas.

Semedo, Roberto and Wague are still younger than Alves. Barcelona would never bench these stars for a player that is close to his career and not just that but also a blasphemer.

Alves knowing no chances of getting back into the same team with Lionel Messi, soughted to be for the big time rival, Cristano Ronaldo but plans failed again as he isn’t needed at Juventus where there are lots of defenders.

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Guardiola seemed to be another option of getting back into a Champions league team but the Brazilian got disappointed once more. Now decided to make use of an online job searcher and successfully got contacted by a team.

According to DonBalon, the League 2’s contender, Cadiz provided a gateway for the Brazilian but there are problems which he must accept to go on with if he’s sure he wants to resume professional football.

Cadiz are yet to join the Laliga not to talk of the Champions league and secondly they can’t even afford to pay him half of what he earns at PSG. The team is truly an insult to Alves’ class.

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But the 36 seems to have gotten a major gateway to getting back to pro-football, and it’s no other team than his former side, Sevilla.

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Alves joining Sevilla would be a thing of joy for the Technical Secretary, Monchi who is grateful to have had Alves at first as he claimed the Brazilian contributed greatly to his side participating in the European Competition.

Good news for Alves but he would have to accept a pay lesser than he was supposed to take as his last pay at PSG places him as the highest earner compared to every player in the Sevilla squad.

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