Barcelona Wants Morata But Arsenal Would Have To Decide

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Barcelona has made a shocking move to land Chelsea’s striker, Alvaro Morata despite his bad seasons at Stamford Bridge but the move now would depend on Arsenal’s decision.

Barcelona recently joined the race to bring in Alvaro Morata from Chelsea on a loan deal despite the fact that the Spaniard is referred to as a flop which is actually due to his inability to produce results.

Morata arrived Chelsea for a transfer fee of £60 million from Real Madrid and due to his inability to handle the expectations on his shoulder, the 26 year old has failed to live up to expectations at Stamford Bridge.

With several offers from different top-flight teams who thinks that Morata would fit into their formation if they give him a chance and a loan deal seems to be the most feasible option at the moment.

The Football World woke up to a surprising news today; Barcelona wants Morata to support Luiz Suarez in Barca’s front-line.

Photo: Courtesy (Chelsea)

Who would believe that Moarata returning to Spain would mean him joining the Catalians after much disgrace at Stamford Bridge.

As true as it is, Barcelona actually wants Morata but his faith would have to be determined by Arsenals action on Denis Suarez’s deal; A 20 year old boy who could cause Arsenal the £10 million euros.

Arsenal on the other hand, has refused to cash in on a permanent deal as they demanding for a loan deal just Barcelona are doing on Morata’s case.

Haven attained their wage limit, Barcelona can only bring in Morata with the money expected from Suarez’s deal and that might be far-fetched.

Barcelona might have to go extra-mind if they actually want to have Morata cause the Spaniard has more than three deals ready to be recorded on his name including a swap deal with Higuain.

Higuain has been Maurizio Sarri’s number 1 target to replace Morata but Juventus is hindering this.

Gonazalo Higuain
Photo: Courtesy (Gonazalo Higuain)

Scoring a record of 36 league goals under Maurizio Sarri back at Napoli, Gonzalo Higuain seems the right man to finish up Sarri’s midfield tactics.

Morata is expected to leave, just like Michy Bashuayi who returned from his woeful campaign at Valencia where netted just three goals in 23 appearances, is expected to leave and both are on loan deals.

Who would get to replace the duo at the club


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