Bayern Munich Admits Fear Of Losing Prolific Star Following Huge Chase From Man United

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Man United are the only known side firing up offer for the winger and Bayern Munich are honest they are likely to lose out

The UCL final goal scorer has been on Man United’s list for quite a long time and netting the only goal in Bayern Munich‘s UCL victory against PSG fired up the Red Devils’ urge to own him.

Kingsley Coman has a contract with 2 years of life left in it but Bayern Munich are willing to keep him longer than that considering he is entering the peak of his career.

But at same time haven’t failed to disclose they could likely still lose him to Man United who are willing to offer more than the French man is earning at Allianz Arena.

Bayern Munich Admits Fear Over Losing Prolific Star Following Huge Chase From Man United 1

According to Bild, Bayern Munich are increasingly worried over silence from Colman’s representatives who should be talking of an extension already.

The 24-year-old currently earns £140k per week at Bayern Munich and it’s understandable the Bavarians aren’t ready to increase this amount.

But United are at the other end offering almost double of this amount as they have been trying luring Kingsley Colman with a £260k per week job.

Ole Solskjaer hasn’t for once hidden his desire to have the Paris born on his list of stars and it’s believed United would try as much as possible to land him.

Man United had been on Jadon Sancho’s but Dortmund refused letting the former Manchester City man leave for the amount United offered.

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