Bayern Munich Is A Good Draw – Klopp

klopp somtosports 1
klopp somtosports 1
Moments after the Champions league draw, Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp disclosed via the clubs official site, how he sees their Champions league fixture, Bayern Munich.

Klopp is known in Germany for frustrating Bayern’s effort while he was with Dortmund.

The coach knows how to deal with Bayern, having spent much time as their rival while in Germany. The fixture shouldn’t be that much a hard-task for the German, except for the fact that there are some changes in the present Bayern Munich.


Jurgen shared on Liverpool’s official site that despite the fact the he sees Bayern as a good draw for his side, he still expects difficulties in facing the German team.

Definitely because Bayern Munich is one of the major contenders of the Bundesliga and has been a regular customer of the Champions League.

“It is a good draw. It will be difficult. They [Bayern] are obviously a top side. For me it is nice, going to Germany. We have a lot of time to prepare for the game and hopefully we have all our players available then,” he said.

“Klopp continued his statement saying; “The history of Bayern to make a difference? I don’t know.

“This is a different Bayern than the one I played. We all know the stadium, the atmosphere will be great.

“We obviously know more about German football than any other league but in the end, the boys have to decide on the pitch.

jurgen klopp
jurgen klopp

The 51 year old coach went on to applaud Bayern Munich’s performance, he addressed the team as being one of the World’s biggest clubs alongside his present side, Liverpool;

“Bayern and Liverpool are two of the world’s biggest clubs for sure. They have dominated the German league in the best period of German football. It is obviously a long time since I last faced them in a competitive game, so I am looking forward to it,” Klopp said.

While we wait for the action that is set to come next year (see dates), the team will get back to work ahead of their league fixtures.

Liverpool definitely are fighting to maintain their first position on the league table following their win this weekend against the Red Devils.

The team will prepare to extend their reign as the leaders when they meet Wolves on Friday cause I do not see them ready to give up their present position as the potential champions.

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