Black Stars Winning Bonus Slashed To $5,000


The Black Stars of Ghana winning bonus is decreased to half.

After a better future team of set-up since 2005, Ghana black stars made his first world cup appearance in Germany 2006 and was knocked out of the competition by Brazil at the round of 16 teams.

The next two years saw Ghana hosting the Africa Cup Of Nations and they finished 3rd position, 2008.

In 2010, Ghana black stars played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was kicked out by penalty shootouts vrs Uruguay at the quarter finals.

The performance of the nation’s senior team grew so stronger that i won the whole Country’s heart leaving religion and politics behind and they were known Worldwide by football.

Not until 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the team were then made of executives chasing money, players playing for higher cash, the love for the Country’s football by the people diminished.

Tournament budget was more expensive than what the winner of the tournament would receive.

Estimation says, almost 80-85(%) of the people of the country stopped supporting the Black Stars.

Just 3 days ago, they played against South Africa for AFCON Qualifiers and won 2-0. In order to know the passionate of the players and to win the love of the people back, winning bonus for each player which was $10,000 earlier is now decreased by 50%. So each player of the team now bears $5,000 as a winning bonus.

Tickets prices were reduced by huge discount and to another extent, a known university in the region of match stadium had it students free entrance to see the game.

Captain of the team; Andre Dede Ayew said, Lets win the love back, lets play with passion, lets play for our people.
The Ghana Football Association is on a campaign trail dubbed #BringBackTheLove.

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