Breaking: Chelsea Inside Sources reveal Frank Lampard sack date

Chelsea Inside Sources reveal Frank Lampard sack date 3

The former England midfielder could see his days as Chelsea manager cut short after sources reveal board are disappointed following the side’s 3-1 loss to Man City on Sunday

Earlier on, Chelsea board were said to have fully backed Frank Lampard in on implementing his philosophy in the team but it’s been a different story lately as sources reveal the board are disappointed with the team’s recent result.

The Fulham based club fell prey to a hungry Manchester City as Pep Guardiola’s men were seen firing past 2 goals into Edouard Mendy’s goal post in the first 45 minutes.

The home team failed to make any fearful attempt except Hudson-Odoi’s goal that came late in the second half.

Chelsea Inside Sources reveal Frank Lampard sack date 2

It’s currently believed Lampard could be using the exit door soon following the history of the club since Roman Abramovic claimed ownership.

Following reports from Athletic minutes after the sound of the 90th minute whistle, Blues are already weighing up chances to replace Frank Lampard as the side become gradually desperate for results.

Chelsea invested a whooping sum into the Summer transfer window and not seeing results hurts in some way but it’s vivid these players are new to the Premier League and Chelsea as well.

The chemistry isn’t established among them yet but that is less of what the Board are giving ear to at the moment with the body reported to have given enough time to Lampard to prove he can spearhead the English champions.

Chelsea Inside Sources reveal Frank Lampard sack date 1

Meanwhile, according Inside Sources, pressures are not mounted on Lampard as said on the outside. It’s disclosed that the 42-year-old won’t be receiving any sack letter before their Morecambe game as he already rolled out squad list for the clash.

Lampard is now left to convince the board with results as turning things would help secure his place in the club.

Also, according to Goal; No ‘dramatic decision’ has been made by Frank’s seniors at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking after the game on his passion and desire to move the team forward, Lampard said as he also confessed to pressure on himself;

Chelsea Inside Sources reveal Frank Lampard sack date

“I am a perfectionist who wants the best for this club,” Lampard said at Stamford Bridge. “The first person who puts on the pressure is me. At times, last year, I wanted to push and be even better than fourth, even though I felt it was an achievement considering the ban and the youth in the squad.

“This season the sixteen game unbeaten run was something I was always trying to temper as it went on. We breezed through our Champions League group. I didn’t take much notice of that because I felt that with the players and the way they were playing that we should get through and we showed some really good form.

“At the minute, we are in a tough period. I understand it as I played here for a long time. I understand the minute that you lose a few games in a short period of time then everyone looks and asks questions. Then everyone looks at it differently and says you spent that much money.

“Well, the reality is that a lot of the players who came in are young, new, have been injured, not played together before. I haven’t been able to play Ziyech, Pulisic or Timo Werner in the same team.

Chelsea Inside Sources reveal Frank Lampard sack date 4

“If we are expecting the relationship between them three to be the same as Sterling, De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva today then there are expectations that are not real. The expectations after Leeds that we are title contenders was not real.

“I am real now in saying the club has to take pain for where we want to get to. Any build or re-build that we have with the players we brought in takes pain. That means pain on the pitch, pain behind-the-scenes and fight and character. That’s how you build.

Pep Guardiola in year one at Man City, an incredible coach comes in and there’s tough times. We know the story with Man City and Liverpool. I am not putting myself on that level because I have to show that in a few years time and I have to show it.

“I can only talk about us and I can say this is a difficult period. I understand the reasons why and we have to keep fighting. I am the first person who needs to keep fighting.”

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