BVB Breeding Another Goal Beast

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Just like Lewandowski and Aubameyang to Borussia Dortmund are breeding another goal beast in Francisco Alcácer García.

Alcácer Garcia is definitely at his best with Dormund, unlike last year when he was with Barcelona and was considered as a dumb-bag in the pitch netting just 10 goals in 37 league appearances for the Catalians.

Although despite the hard times he had at Barcelona, Alcácer tried his best to show Barca that he is really good but probably not good for the Laliga. Garcia actually scored 2 goals in the 3 cup matches he was featured in.


But at the end of it all, Barcelona was hell for Alcácer considering the fact that despite the efforts he invested in the games, he only had 15 goals to boast of after been part of 50 games for Barcelona.

Actually, I do not blame the Spaniard for such outcome, looking back at his days at Valencia B, 2010/2011, Alcácer amazed the fans with his 27 goals in 25 appearances.

Does this not tell  that there is goal beast living in Alcácer.

Probably his flaws might have started when went on loan to Getafe, having scored just 4 goals in 23 appearances for El Geta.

All these are now history for him cause now, as Alcácer is considered as the messiah at Signal Iduna Park.

The 25 year old has actually scored 12 goals in 11 league appearances for BVB.
Surprisingly, he has scored 10 of these 12 goals as substitute.


The Spaniard with the little time he gets to feature in matches, has managed to set a record in the Bundesliga.

Parco has become the first Bundesliga player to score 10 goals as a substitute in a single season and also to score with 10 consecutive shots just like Aubameyang did in the Premier League.

Isn’t that amazing?

In just few games after been officially signed as Dortmund player, Alcacer is already proving to the world that he is not a dump-bag.

With his amazing form, Alcácer might end up setting a record that would be very hard for other striker in Europe to reach.

Despite BVB losing their last match yesterday against Fortuna, Alcácer managed to find the back of the net once more.


The Spaniard is definitely on a scoring spree and it doesn’t look like he would be stopping anytime soon. 

Can he actually net 5 goals under 9 minutes, just like Lewandowski did?

Maybe! No one knows.

BVB should really be referred to as the Goal Breeding House, from Lewan, to Auba and now Alca. 

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