Champions League Group Stage Analysis.

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ucl somtosports

The Champions league knock-out stage fate has just been decided for the the Group A-D.

With half of the teams in this very groups heading to the next round of the race, others head to the Europa League and the rest going back home to wait for next time.

Group A

Looking at the Group A, Borussia Dortmund have been on fire since the start of the season, both in their local league, they are really leading the Bundesliga with pretty much interesting number of points.

Dortmund making it to the next round is not really a surprise to me, they worked for it and they earned it. The team has really been through a lot.

Spanish side, Atletico Madrid came out second in the group and with the exact number of points with BVB, but was behind due to goal difference.

Atletico would be heading to the knock-out stage with BVB, leaving Club Brugge and Monaco behind.

It is really a bad season for the French team, Monaco. Ever since Football Icon, Thierry Henry took over, the team has really been falling from bad to worst.

They have not won up to 10 games ever since the French took over, and would really be left to go back alon in the group as Clubb Brugge will be heading for the Europa League having finished 3rd in the Group A.

Group B

Barcelona stayed at the top of the group with 14 points having drawn their last match with Tottenham Hotspur.

This draw really helped Spurs move over to the next stage, although the finished the same points with Inter Milan but goal aggregate saw them through.

Inter Milan would have headed over to the next stage with Barca but according to their coach, Spalleti, Inter was too nervous, even when things were on a normal level.

The manager shared via Skysports media that his boys lost the ball out of nervousness, although they had little ‘technical disorders and lost the game vision’, he claimed that PSV didn’t actually create any problems in the game.

‘They didn’t shoot except for the occasion of the goal. This match was psychologically heavy, and we should have stayed more balanced, we were too frenetic.’ Spalleti said.

The manager will now take his boys and head to the Europa inorder to recoup what they’ve lost with an alternative chance, while PSV will head back home.

Group C

Just like the goup B, filled with lot of worries for the second placed and third placed teams.
Lievrpool’s win over Napoli definitely saved them, coupled with the goals they scored throughout the group stage.

with the same 9 points with Napoli, Liverpool went through with goal difference.

Paris Saint German, been the team than qualified with the 1st position had trashed Red Star Belgrade to acquire the 3 points that added to their already had 8 points. That also did ensure PSG’s safe passage to the Round-of-16.

Napoli will have to join Inter Milan and Club Brugge on the lane to Europa League, while Red star Belgrade head back to Serbia with just 4 points to show for the competition.

Group D

The group D ended the way it was expected to, with FC Porto leading the way, followed by Schalke. Both has 16 and 11 points, respectively.

Porto did very well in the group stage, drawing one match and won the rest of their games.

While Schalke lost just one, drew 2 and won the remaining three matches.

Galatasarary will head to Europa with their 4 points, 1 point ahead of Lokomotiv Moscow, who finished last in the table. Lossing 5 and won just one.

Today we will be expecting another epic round as Group E,F,G and H will be rounding up their group stages.

Group E

The group E is decided already, nothing can change the fact that Bayern Munich and Ajax are moving to next round while Benefica will divert to Europa thereby sending Athens back to Greece.

Group F

Manchester City are for sure going over to the round of 16, considering the fact that they sitting at the top of the group table with 10 points.

A win or loss won’t affect Manchester City’s place in the round of 16.

Lyon and Shaktar Donestk have a course to settle. One team must go to the round of 16 at the expense of the other.

A draw between the two teams will be good for Lyon and maybe not for Shaktar considering that they would be going to Europa if only Hoffenheim losses or draws. And even if they win, they would have to net in much number of goals.

Manchester City seats at the top with 10, followed by Lyon, Shaktar and Hoffenheim, their points are 7,5, and 3 respectively.

So work is left for Hoffeinheim, who have chance of going to Europa if Shaktar losses, and Shaktar who’s chances are detrimental as they might end up going to the round of 16 or maybe not even making it to the Europa.

Group G

Real Madrid been the leader here and the defending Champions are already planning for the knock-out stage. They sit at the top with 12 points, 3 points clear second placed team, Roma.

Viktoria Plzen and CSKA Moscow will have to work harder for their fate. With both having 4 points each.

Roma will head to Czech Republic to face Viktoria Plzen while Real Madrid prepare Santiago Bernabeu for the coming of CSKA Moscow.

Group H

Juventus and Manchester United are through, whether they loose or win their matches tonight.

Valencia as well have sealed their move to Europa League and nothing can stop that, not even a loss can stop them.

We just sit back and wait for the action in few hours time.

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