Chelsea Finally Decide Frank Lampard’s Ultimatum and Replacement

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PhotoGrid Plus 1611328634571

Frank Lampard has been under immense pressure lately on likelihood of lossing his job following series of losses

The English man has over the past few weeks seen his side crumbling from losses to losses with the most recent coming from a disgraceful loss to Leicester City.

Prior to the game at King Power Stadium, Lampard was already under pressure with replacements linked to his post at Stamford Bridge.

The loss to Foxes only made the matter worse as Chelsea Board now reportedly decide to give Lampard until the end of the season to work things out.

But this doesn’t include things going beyond worst, as dropping to the relegation zone will immediately see Blues triggering the replacement button to land Thomas Tuchel.

The former PSG manager lost his job after falling off balance with the management at Parc Des Princes.

Considering his ability to relate to German players and his success in the past, Blues consider him a better alternative.

Sources also reveal talks for Allegri isn’t likely as Leipzig shared they aren’t ready to let go of their Manager also.

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