Chelsea Morning News: Frank Lampard breaks silence on Mendy clash with Lewin, makes shocking EPL claim and more

Chelsea Morning News Frank Lampard breaks silence on Mendy clash with Lewin makes shocking EPL claim and more

Chelsea were defeated last night after failing to come back from a 1-0 penalty Sigurdsson goal

The West Londoners suffered their first defeat in three months with last been September’s Liverpool loss as Edouard Mendy’s clash with Calvert Lewin handed the Toffees a penalty spot opportunity to go in front.

The loss marked the continuation of the side’s awful performances at the Goodison Park with Blues picking just a point in the last 4 visits to Goodison Rd.

In reaction to the result that has denied Chelsea the chance of going top with Spurs and Liverpool yet to know their fates today, Frank Lampard expressed his thoughts on the game.

“We could have got something out of the game, but I wouldn’t say we were unlucky,” Lampard told the club’s official website.

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The Blues faced a strong side with good defenders with this serving as a hinderance to them creating a proper chance, Giroud was poorly fed.

Speaking on the teams inability to create an impactful opportunity, Lampard went on to share that his boys weren’t at their best form on the night as the side has gone 18 games without a loss, with this marking their 2nd loss in the last 20.

“We didn’t pepper their goal with great opportunities. We weren’t at our best. We didn’t deal with the physicality of the early parts of the game well,” the 42-year-old continued.

“Once you go 1-0 down you give yourself a problem and give them something to hang on to. We didn’t show enough to break them down.

“If we are honest with ourselves it wasn’t the us of recently.”

Nevertheless, Chelsea are in a good form so far and the loss is just a kind of reminder that the side aren’t immortal.

Edouard Mendy clash with Calvert Lewin, resulting to a penalty

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During the 20th minute, Chelsea goalkeeper; Edouard Mendy was found culpable clashing with Everton striker; Calvert-Lewin in a contest to deny the host opening the score line.

With his pleasant forms so far, Mendy was guilty but was quickly defended as Frank Lampard denoted the fault was from the team as a whole considering they failed to realize they played against a side determined to stop them.

“He’s been fantastic since he’s been here,” Lampard said of Mendy. “I don’t think it was clearly just his mistake either. The mentality of the team to deal with second balls in the early parts of the game wasn’t so good. 

“This is a team who are well organized, who wanted to stop us playing. When you give them that head start it’s very difficult. We didn’t quite do enough but I don’t think we necessarily deserved to lose the game.”

Lampard hits back at Jurgen Klopp’s claim of Chelsea being EPL trophy favorite

Chelsea Morning News Frank Lampard breaks silence on Mendy clash with Lewin makes shocking EPL claim and more

Frank Lampard has meanwhile reacted to the claims of his side having the strongest squad in the Premier League and as such favorite to lift the trophy by the season end.

Chelsea suffered a dull start which one of the 2 losses in their last 20 games came during that period and was against Klopp’s Liverpool.

The Anfield manager is one reportedly propelling the claim of Blues being EPL most favorite as his side is seen fighting to reclaim the top spot after seeing competition from a strong Jose Mourinho’s Spurs.

Speaking about the claims, Lampard said; “I keep reading how we had the strongest squad in the league. I don’t understand it.

“Teams around us have won titles and have strikers who score 30 goals every year, players who have won the Champions League.

“We have some players who have won titles but also have some who are new to the Premier League and are young,” he added.

Lampard believes the Premier League should revisit the likelihood of using five subs per team during a match

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Chelsea were short three wingers with Hakim Ziyech, Christian Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi all sidelined as Frank Lampard tipped off the League Body on the importance of having 5 subs in a game.

“Everton had James Rodriguez out as well. When you watch Chelsea play Everton, you want to see these exciting wingers,’ said Lampard. ‘I think the five subs will be addressed later in the week.

“If we are expecting players to fly around the world and then go again on Tuesday and Saturday, you have to look at the big picture. Did we miss the wide players? Yes.”

The team will battle Wolverhampton on Tuesday as Frank Lampard hopes for a recoup of the lost points.

“We are a work in progress and nights like tonight may happen. I don’t like them, but that’s the challenge for us. We need to bounce back very strong. Let’s see on Tuesday.”

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