Chelsea Needs A Winger, Not A Striker – Sarri

Maurizio Sarri 731688
Maurizio Sarri 731688

Chelsea’s boss, Maurizio Sarri has disclosed that the club does not actually need a striker at the moment, rather a winger.

Maurizio Sarri’s regime at Stamford Bridge is really at its trial period as three of wingers are off on injury and as well he has no other options for the front-line aside his almost converted nine, Eden Hazard and floppy Morata, with Giroud also on injury.

The Blues manager has disclosed that instead of wasting time in search of a striker, the club should invest their resources in getting a winger.

Sarri tod the media that his strike force is good with Hazard as the false 9 compared to the team’s wing position that has its occupants off on an injury.

Pedro is the major option for the wing but unable to perform his duties to the club due to his injury. Another option is the young rising star, Hudson-Odei, who is also on injury with their other option Reuben Loftus-Cheek.

Pedro's injury
Photo: Courtesy (Pedro’s injury)

The Italian coach is left with no other option than to patch the leak with a player that was not developed for that wing.

With Hazard as the false nine and Morata’s availability as another option for the number 9 wing, Maurizio Sarri has disclosed that none of their on-loan strikers would be returning to Stamford Bridge soon.

Tammy Abraham
Photo: Courtesy (Tammy Abraham)

Examining the loaned strikers, Tammy Abraham is really at his best, netting 14 goals in 19 appearances for the Championship side, Aston Villa and Michy Batshuayi is not really living up to expectations at Mestalla Stadium, recording just three goals in his first six months with Valencia.

Although the club has plans of loaning Batshuayi to another team where he would have broader chances but no plan to bring him back to the club anytime soon exists.

“No [I don’t need another striker], because I have the option with Hazard in this position,” he said. “We have Morata and Hazard can play very well in this position as we have seen in the last two, three matches. So I think that in the moment I don’t need another striker.

Photo: Courtesy (Maurizio Sarri)

Sarri told the media..

“Maybe another winger, because now we are in trouble with the injuries of Pedro, of Odoi, Loftus-Cheek, so I have the option, and what an option for the striker. But at the moment I have no option for the wingers. ”
Sarri ended.

Chelsea would do itself more good than harm if they are to do as the Italian coach has demanded.

The club are fourth on league table and would be looking to close in the gap between them and Tottenham as they prepare to battle the Saint’s today at Saint Mary’s Stadium.

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