Chelsea to honor agreement they had with Hazard; Zidane smiles with open arms

hazard somtosports 1
hazard somtosports 1

Chelsea is really bound to lose one of the best players they’ve ever had; Eden Hazard who Real Madrid have succeeded in convincing to make a switch.

Hazard would finally be let off the hook after long term of refusal and pleadings from The Blues.

According to Sunsports, the last time Hazard wanted to leave for Real Madrid, Chelsea chiefs pleaded with him to stay for one more season before leaving.

And now the Belgian has completed his own side of the bargain, it’s left for Chelsea to complete theirs by accepting Madrid’s offer for Eden.

But sources reveal that Chelsea are aiming to scratch out the possible highest funds from Eden’s transfer as Los Blancos has revealed to be reopening the deal with £67.9 million.

Madrid’s reopening price is indeed much lower than the initial £90 million they proposed to pay for the Belgian’s signature.

Be it as it may, Hazard’s move is set to be completed in a matter of weeks as Chelsea already signed a replacement back in January.

Christian Pulisic became a Blue for £50 million after Jadon Sancho reduced his play time by outpacing his performances thereby tempting the American to hunt for a playtime elsewhere, which he finally got.

Although he was loaned back to Dortmund, Somtosports understands that Pulisic’s loan was to avoid any of the assets (Hazard and Pulisic) wearing off on the bench due to switches.

Pulisic ready to head to his new home.

In other to ensure Chelsea gets the best out of Eden in his last year at Stamford Bridge, the Blues decided to loan Pulisic back to BVB where he would also participate in games than he would in Chelsea if Hazard stays around.

So you see? Chelsea chiefs already knew Hazard would be leaving soon but they just can’t say cause they really do not wish for him to.

Meanwhile, the transfer fee for Eden Hazard won’t be an issue considering the fact that Real Madrid manager; Zinedine Zidane has been issued a whooping sum of £420 million to rebuild the Los Blancos team.

Zidane smiling to victory on Eden battle.

With such a sum and even with Zidane’s eyes of Paul Pogba, Hazard’s move is certain as long as money is concerned.

The Blues will really be losing a Talisman to Los Blancos, a Talisman who has ever longed to be under Zinedine Zidane and also to be in the White shirt.

Zidane at Santiago Bernabeu is really a pleasant coincidence for Eden Michael Hazard.

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