Chelsea transfer ban frozen. Isco to be swapped for Hazard

Chelsea transfer ban lifted isco to be swaped for hazard somtosports
Chelsea transfer ban lifted isco to be swaped for hazard somtosports

Chelsea would really be smiling at the moment as their transfer ban has been frozen and Eden’s move to Santiago Bernabeu would hand them Isco.

One of The Blues greatest fears for the season has been greatly overcomed after it was reported that the club would no longer face a transfer ban.

On February 22, Chelsea was slapped a transfer ban concerning under 18 players which the club immediately launched an appeal.

Chelsea finally got the transfer ban frozen and are now free to participate in the coming transfer market.

But Chelsea won’t just smile on this alone as Hazard’s move to Santiago Bernabeu has also linked Isco Alarcon to Chelsea.

Isco is really having a slippery relationship with the Los Blacos Board and this increased the chances of the swap deal taking place; even if they have to add more money.

According to a Spanish reporter; Eduardo Indo; Isco could be used as a swap for Eden Hazard, although it has not been disclosed how much money Los Blancos need to put in at the moment.

Chelsea are also expected to launch deals for other strikers as they are not actually getting what they really wanted from Gonzalo Higuain.

More to come….

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