Chilwell to Chelsea looks ready as Medicals seems to happen ‘next couple of days’

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Ben Chilwell to Chelsea is breaking through, with medical set to happen ‘next couple of days’

According to insider from Leicester, Ben Chilwell to Chelsea is becoming real as Medicals could happen in next days.

Chelsea appear to be doing some real transfer business behind closed doors right now. With Werner and Ziyech already acquired, Havertz soon, and the Chilwell is ready to happen.

With these kind of deals, Reporters would be asked to be quite, but surely it would leak. According to source from inside, Chilwell to Chelsea looks eminent.

According to two reliable Leicester insiders, Chilwell has started packing up his stuff at the Leicester training ground, and he is now due a medical at Chelsea in the next few days.

According to, The deal will be a world record fee for a left back, according to another reliable source.

Chelsea sources then began picking up and seemingly confirming the news. Although it is still yet to really reach the many of the mainstream reporters.

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