Comparing Messi and Maradona is useless and unfair – Sebastián Verón

Comparing Messi and Maradona is useless and unfair Sebastián Verón 2
Comparing Messi and Maradona is useless and unfair Sebastián Verón 2

Former Argentine midfielder, Juan Sebastián Verón has hit back at those comparing Lionel Messi to country man Diego Maradona as he labels comparison unfair.

Football supporters are very good at comparing two players either of the same attributes or of different attributes. Lionel Messi has been a major in most comparisons as he is currently compared to Argentine Legend, Diego Maradona.

To some, Lionel Messi would only be considered better than Maradona if only he brings home several World cup trophies home just like Maradona did.

But comparing two players from two different eras seems somewhat awkward and former teammate to both stars has disclosed why both stars shouldn’t be compared.

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According to Juan when he was asked by 90min on who to chose as the best between Maradona and Messi, the 44-year-old quickly voiced out that the comparison is ‘very difficult and complex’ to ascertain.

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Considering that Lionel and Maradona aren’t on the same era of career and most importantly both did engrave their names in the plague of time, Juan thinks the comparison is ‘unfair’.

“It is difficult, very complex,” Sebastian said as he debunks all attempt to compare the 1980s/1990s machine on the pitch ‘maradona’ and the five time ballon d’or winner.

“Some say Maradona, because he won a World Cup. Those who did not see Maradona and did see Messi are going to tell you Messi,” he continued.

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“I think those kinds of comparisons with players that have given us so much in football seem very unfair. Such discussions lead to nothing, they are useless.”

“The era, the speed of football. The personalities, in a good way.

“Diego marked an era and today Messi is marking his own with different personalities, and different ways to play football.

“They are undoubtedly two historic players and we are lucky that they are Argentine.”

It’s clear to all that Maradona is long-ago retired but not all know that the Argentine is till in the pitch business as he is currently tasked with saving a hometown club that close to relegation.

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Veron also entailed what he expects of Diego Maradona as the new manager of this club threatened with relegation prior to him picking Sven-Goran Eriksson as the best manager he has ever worked with over Sir Alex Ferguson.

“In football, anything can happen,” Veron added.

“Undoubtedly [his arrival] generated great enthusiasm. Enthusiasm helps to diffuse many football differences. Then it will depend on the talent of his coaches, his talent and what he can generate on the field.”

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