COVID19: Premier League to resume soon as shareholders vote result rolls out

Premier League to resume soon as shareholders vote result rolls out

Premier League close to resumption as Shareholders unanimously vote for return to small-group training by Tuesday, 19th May.

Premier League shareholders have today voted for the resumption of small-group training while maintaining proper social distancing.

Considering the fact that other top flight teams are resuming, English football likely won’t be left out as the teams are now allowed to resume training.

According the decisions made, every necessary strict medical measures will be employed to ensure that these training are done under the safest of conditions to avoid the spread of the virus assuming there is to be any member who is positive without knowing yet.

This is also in agreement with the players, Premier League club Doctors, other independent experts and the UK Governments as its not a move imposed by the shareholders alone.

The Body denotes that the well-being of all the Premier League participants is still the number one priority while they return to training.

Likely soon, full-contact training will be resumed as well amid plans underway in consulting the players, LMA and the PFA in order to craft out proper protocols for this.

Premier League to resume soon as shareholders vote result rolls out

Below is the official statement from the Premier League website.

Premier League Shareholders today voted unanimously to return to small-group training from tomorrow afternoon, the first step towards restarting the Premier League, when safe to do so. 

Step One of the Return to Training Protocol enables squads to train while maintaining social distancing. Contact training is not yet permitted. 

This first stage has been agreed in consultation with players, managers, Premier League club doctors, independent experts and the Government. 

Strict medical protocols of the highest standard will ensure everyone returns to training in the safest environment possible. 

The health and wellbeing of all participants is the Premier League’s priority, and the safe return to training is a step-by-step process.

Full consultation will now continue with players, managers, clubs, the PFA and LMA as protocols for full-contact training are developed.

Source: Premier League

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