David De Gea So Confident Of Renewal; Demands For Increment


David De Gea have developed much love from Manchester United and is keen on taking advantage by demanding for an increase of his weekly pay.

Being so confident of a contract renewal, David De Gea has asked that his contract be raised 100,000 higher than it is, According to Mail Online.

Despite being happy with the Keeper’s performance in their last match against Tottenham, Manchester United seems to have paused to think on the issue.

The Spanish keeper of course wants to remain with the Red Devils and is expected to do so but a demand for increase in wage might just delay the procedure.

The club sure do want to keep him but discussions over the issue has so far been fruitless.

If Manchester United should agree to the deal, De Gea would be pocketing over 300,000 for a week spent under the Red Devils.

David De Gea
Photo: Courtesy (David De Gea)

This seems to be some kind of hard nut to crack considering the fact that Ander Herrera and Matteo Darmian is expected to have their contract renewed soon.

Darmian is linked to Juventus but Manchester United are planning to sabotage the Old Lady’s joy by extending Darmian’s contract.

What do you think Manchester United should do?

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