Diego Simeone isn’t finished & New project with Rojiblancos.


A lot of speech about Diego Simeone and his his current spill in Rojiblancos, with his current 6 position in la liga.
People directed by media see that Rojiblancos need a new project with a new manager, others see that Diego refuse to quit Atlético because he can’t do the same success with another team.

And the rest thinks that he lost his abilities to motivate the players to fight for him, and his tactics not suitable for his current squad.

What i can say that this season the only problem that faced Atlético & La Cholo was bad luck.

Atlético has the 4th best XG in the league 41.9 goals and that is their best XG in the last 4 seasons but they scored only 31, the worst goals/XG ratio they had in the last 4 seasons.
Also their 50.69 xPTS, should place them in 3rd Position.
But That’s not surprising if you know that they have the most player to miss big chances, Alvaro Morata.
He missed 18 big chances, 5 chances difference ahead of Benzema.

The 7th team to shot 12.07 per game, 3.85 of them on target, their shot on target percentage dropped to 29%.
According DC stats that show us the no. of passes done by the team in final third, Atlético made 191 passes in final third their best in last 4 seasons after 27 matches in La Liga.

So in attacking phase Atlético doing well & improving despite losing their goal scorer in all season he played with them, Antoine Greizmann.
He is not just a goal scorer of the team but also the brain of it, play-maker and the player to lead the attacking phase.

Suitable for Simeone’s philosophy through his tactical awareness & defensive abilities.

Defensively, they are the 2nd best defence in laliga after Real Madrid, they conceded 21 goal with XGA 22.81, the best XGA through the last 4 seasons after 27 rounds.

They conceded more despite they conceded less shots, this season Atlético accepted 288 shots, 82 of them were on target.
28.47% of the shots only were on target, the best percentage of accepting shots in LaLiga.
Oblak who had 2.3 saves per game saved 74.39% of shots.

In Season 2018/2019 after 27 rounds in laliga,
They accepted 294 shots, 84 on target, conceded 17 goal “Best defence in the league” with XGA 26.74.
Oblak who had 2.8 saves per game during whole season, saved 79.76% of shots.

In Season 2017/2018 after 27 rounds in laliga,
They accepted 298 shots, 88 on target, conceded only 12 goals “Best defence in the league” with XGA 24.07.
Oblak who had 2. 9 saves per game during whole season, saved 75% of the shots.

In Season 2016/2017 after 27 rounds in laliga,
They accepted 297 shots, 88 of them on target, conceded 22 goal ” 2nd best defence in the league” with XGA 24.19.
Oblak who had 2.1 save per game during whole season, saved 77.12% of shots.

So for me Atlético need a striker to convert their attacking work into goals & points, sharp one with ability to play in Simeone’s team, also improving of Felix is a must to be a direct replacement for Greizmann.

Timo Werner, the 2nd best goal scorer in Bundesliga & 2nd to contribute in 28 goals as he managed 7 assist, as he is the best striker to give assists in Bundesliga.
With his 3.4 (55%) ground duels per game, he could find a way to be Simeone’s striker, he is also fast and dribbler with 3.1 total dribbles attempts per 90min, 65% of them were completed.

This can help Simeone to stretch the pitch vertically as he has dribbler and pacey player which is also a direct threat with 4.2 shots per 90min, 2.2 of them are on target with accuracy 55%.

The best striker to shot from counters so, Atlético can improve in transition with presence of Corrêa.
His problem is his defensive abilities, so LoCholo had a lot of work to do to make him adapt.
It’s a direct & long term solution for RojiBlancos attack, he will cost them 60M Euro, his release clause in his new contract with RB Leipzig.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 2nd best goal scorer in EPL and Top scorer of last season scored 17 goal this season, 43% of Arsenal goals.
He managed only 1 assist but he has XA 3.29 which describes arsenal attacking problems.

His 1.9 (39%) ground duel per game, make him not perfect link to Atlético, but his experience, adaptability, goal scoring quality could help him to fit in their style.

His movement without the ball in pockets, cutting inside help sharpness of the team he is playing for.
2.5 shots per 90 mins, 1.1 on target, 44% accuracy, 0.6 out side the box & 1.7 inside the box.

This season he created 20 chances, 5 of them are big chances.
His XG 12 shows how lethal he is this season, fighting alone in final third, but also give any club tranquility that this version of Auba is much lethal.

He has only one year in his contract with Arsenal, so Arsenal may be forced to sell him as Auba doesn’t renew his contract.
He may cost Rojiblancos 60M Euro to sign him.

Andrea Belotti, The 26-years-old Italian attacker that scored 9 goals this season in serie A & 20 goal through the whole season with Torino & Italian National team.

His 8.1 total duels per game & 5 ground duels per game could attract eyes of Rojiblancos to sign him, his ability cover the final third with his continue movement but always need support, so compactness philosophy will help him in that aspect.

2.9 shots per 90 mins, 1.2 on target, 41% accuracy.
2.5 dribbles attempts per 90 mins in Serie A, 64%
were completed, so Rojiblancos could maximize their quality to break opponents counter pressing & improve in transitions.
He created 26 chances this season with Torino, 6 of them were big chances.

He has defensive sense & abilities, he has 1.5 total tackles per 90 mins with 53% success, so LoCholo will focus on improving his attacking phase, how to be not just a suitable tactical player for his team but also lethal striker.
Andrea may cost RojiBlancos 45M Euro.

Locholo may find a replacement for Thomas Lemar, who didn’t perform well since he arrived.
French winger didn’t show that he count 70M€ which was paid for him.

Emiliano Buendía, Argentinean Midfielder that can fit easily in Spanish culture, he also had experience with Getafe in LaLiga.
He managed to give 7 assists this season for Norwich city, Created 3.3 chance per 90min, the 2nd after KVB, & 7 big chances, so he can help Koke in creating chances.

5.8 total dribbles attempts, 70% completed, a stress breaker to break counter pressing of your opponent & give direct transition.
Perfect dribbler could help team in isolated areas, also improve this aspect of the team, so Rojiblancos can play in different ways with his different qualities.

Simeone will not having any concern about creating 1vs 1 situations for him.
0.8 shots per 90 mins outside the box, could improve team scoring stats from outside the box.

Defensively he is very good, tactically adapted & return to defend outside channels with the FB, 5.6 tackle attempts per 90 min, 51. 7% had been successful.
He may cost them 30M Euro.

Radja Nainggolan, Like his resemble Diego Costa, Radja has problems with Antonio Conte.
Diego can be do the same he done with Costa, he can deal with this type of players.

Tactically he can play as a wide midfielder especially when his role is cut inside leaving wide area to the FB and central midfielder.
2.3 chances per 90min, 8 big chances, he managed 6 assists & 5 goals with XG 2.47.

3 shots per 90min, 2.5 out side the box could improve Rojiblancos attacking attempts from outside the box & may increase goal scoring from this area.

2.6 dribbles, 57% had been completed, good ball controller with wide vision may play a big role to replace what Greizmann was doing.

Defensively, he had 1.9 tackles attempts, 58% succeeded.
Belgian midfielder can also play as a no.10 in 4411 in match with tactical and defensive priorities.

So suitable tactically, defensively & in the attacking phase.
He may cost them 25M Euro.

David silva, Cavani remain free agent player that can be a good choice for a short term with 0€ cost.

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