Diogo Dalot explains why he sees C. Ronaldo as his Idol

Diego Dalot explains why he sees C. Ronaldo as his Idol

Cristano Ronaldo might have left Old Trafford a long time ago but I guess his presence is still felt as Diogo Dalot names him his Idol.

Diogo Dalot in an interview shared his thoughts on why he liked Ronaldo so much to make him his idol.

According to the club’s official website, Mantud.com the youngster before disclosing the details, hinted that he knew his answer to whom his model is, was going to amaze people.

But he just had to say it if he meant it. Exactly what he did as he narrated that right from the Porto days, he has long been an admirer of Cristano Ronaldo’s hardwork.

Which he belives has inspired him to be working so hard at the moment. ‘Ronaldo’s hardwork inspires me a lot’ – he said.

Diego Dalot explains why he sees C. Ronaldo as his Idol

Despite being his countryman, Dalot hid nothing as he passionately explained why and how Cristano Ronaldo is his primary source of inspiration.

“My answer will be a little bit shocking for everyone,” Diogo said

“Ronaldo, for me, was the main one. He was my idol from day one.

“Not because he’s Portuguese, or his style of playing, but for his hard work.

“When you think of an athlete, a complete athlete, a complete footballer, you need to choose Cristiano.

He continued “For me, he was the main inspiration to start playing football.

“Not because I want to be like him, I want to take my own path, but to get to know him and see how he works is unbelievable.”

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