Dolores blasted for wrongly claiming her son saved Juventus from Trophyless years

Dolores aveiro somtosports
Dolores aveiro somtosports

Cristano Ronaldo’s mun; Dolores Aveiro has just got herself into a hot soup after she wrongly claimed her son save Juventus from trophyles spell.

Dolores Aveiro who is always proud of what her son’s hardwork has made him, might have mistakenly held unto a wrong claim.

The 64 year old mother of the Number 7 recently set the social media on fire after she retweeted a tweet that has wrong info on it.

According to the tweet; Cristano Ronaldo is being praised and thanked for saving Juventus from trophylesness which was close to hitting 20 years.

Aveiro retweeted this with a tag saying; “Meu orgulho, meu filho” “my pride, my son” translated by Microsoft.

Indeed a very wrong claim cause Juventus has gone 5 seasons without missing been crowned to Italian champions of which the last was CR7 involved in the squad.

This very fact got the internet users sparked as many of them reacted with anger to the tweet.

See the tweets war below.

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