Donny Van de Beek Nears Man United Exit Amid Future Concerns

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The former Ajax man isn’t happy with his place at Man United and is reportedly seeking an exit

Van de Beek has had less game time since arriving from the Dutch league and could possibly leave Man United.

Having earlier on been linked to a move to Tottenham Hotspur, the 23-year-old could now possibly make an exit.

Since joining in 2020, Van de Beek has managed to make only 27 appearances for United of which he has netted a goal in only one of these matches.

According to reports, Juventus are keen to make a move for Beek. Something he will most likely accept in quest for game time.

Although, Ole Solskjaer claims the Midfielder is happy to wait for game time at the club, it’s unlikely Van de Beek will want more time at United’s sidelines.

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Juventus are yet to make an official bid for Beek but they are believed to be one of the many bids to come in for him during the transfer window.

Man United battle Brighton tomorrow with Beek still hoping to be included in the first 11.

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