Drama Unfolds From North London Derby Match

arsenal somtosports
arsenal somtosports

Drama unfolds from North London Derby Match as Tottenham losses 4-2 to Arsenal.

The long-awaited derby match has come and gone, with Tottenham losing to The Gunners but not just the play happened this day, a lot of drama unfolds.

Number of incidents was recorded to have gone wrong in this match. First, it was Aubameyang’s celebration that started it all.

aubameyang somtosportsPierre-Emerick Aubameyang rushed to the guest fans stand to celebrate his penalty kick goal, while the celebration, the Metropilitan Police saw a man throw a missile onto the football pitch. The missile was said to have landed in front of the Arsenal forward man.

The missile in question was understood to be a banana skin, the suspect has been taken into custody by the Police and might face some certain number of ban(s).

The Metropolitan police also have in their custody six other fans, with at least two Arsenal fans among the number.

These men where reported to have lighted smoke canisters in the second half when Arsenal turned the tables around towards the guest team, coming from 1-2 down to win 4-2.

Tottenham’s spokesman spoke to the media saying “Behaviours such as this, is completely unacceptable and the suppoter in question will be issued a ban.”

Eric Dier’s Celebrations;

dier somtosportsDuring the first half, Eric Dier equalized the scores when Tottenham was one goal down. He dashed out to the home fans’ stand, displaying a shushing gesture(putting his finger to his lips).

The celebration style angered certain Arsenal substitutes who clashed with the spurs players on celebration. This saw Pochettino and his assistant, Jesus Perez rushed to the touchline to calm the incident.

Eric Dier was booked for his celebration style and he has this to say “I had my back to it all so I am not too sure what happened,” the England midfielder said. “But this is football, it’s a derby. Football is all about emotion and I don’t understand how I can get a yellow card in that situation.

“It baffles me because if you take the emotion out of football you are going to destroy the game for everyone. The ref said he gave me the yellow card because it was because of me that the whole thing started.

“If you watch it, we are celebrating, I don’t leave the pitch at any point and some of their players that are on the bench come to us. Their players approached us. I don’t know what is wrong with it. But it does not matter. It was not because of that we lost.”- The English man said.

Pochettino’s comment;

Tottenham’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino, who was earlier on applauded by Arsenal’s head coach, Unai Emmery, said that he was trying to calm the situation ““In that moment, it was to try to put calm in our play,” says Pochettino.

“At 1-1, it was a massive fight there but I did not know what was going on in that moment. And in the moment that I arrived, it was all relaxed, calm.

“I did not know what happened but sometimes these situations happen. My intention was always to put calm. I don’t know if it was the celebration of Dier. I don’t know what upset some people there or some players that were doing the warm-up. I really don’t know and I didn’t ask at half-time.

“I promise, in the half-time I didn’t ask and now there is no time to ask. I think the cameras are there and we will see what is going on. In that moment I think the team score and the energy is on our side and to keep that energy is to try to be clever. OK, celebrate and then try and go back to play.” The Argentine said.

On the other hand, Arsenals coach, Unai Emery described first ever North London Derby win as a major victory as the win has seen the crossed over to the fouth place gapping Spurs with a goal difference.

Emery’s statement: “For sure it is a very big victory for our supporters and we gave them this victory because it is a very special match, for us it is the same – it is special – but above all it is three points, like it was against Bournemouth and on Wednesday against Manchester United.

“Right now we are happy and we are enjoying it for a short time. We are at the moment the same as Tottenham in the table and they lost today. We need also to continue creating our way and process. Today it was a very good match for our confidence, but we don’t forget they beat Chelsea last week in a very big match.”

Arsenal are now on a 19 match unbeaten streak with them winning one of the big-6-clubs of the premier league. No doubts that the gunners are back to trainning for their next match against manchester United.

With Manchester’s inconsistent form, is it a walk over match or will it be really a difficult match for the gunners?

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