Emery Applauds Pochenttino’s Performance Ahead of Derby Clash

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Ahead of the North London Derby clash today between Tottenham and Arsenal. Arsenal’s manager, Unai Emery Etxegoien has recently applauded the performances of his coach, Mauricio Pochettino.

Unai Emery revealed that he believes that the Tottenham boss, should be compared with Guardiola and Diego Simeone, he went on to state that the Argentine has raised a lot of world class players.

Although Pochettino is still yet to win a trophy just like Guadiola and Simeone, Emery still believes that the coach deserves respects for the things he has done so far.

Emery clearly stated his points by saying “His(Pochettino) career is very consistent. His structure in every team is very clear, with good performances,

-He has worked in Spain, then here with Southampton and Tottenham, with young players, and every young player usually improves with him and his staff

-I think he deserves, because of his career, to be considered with the best coaches like Guardiola and Simeone.”

Emery went on to express his ideas concerning the Pochettino-Real Madrid transfer link, the Spanish coach disclosed that he thinks that Pochettino is happy at Tottenham, because of the respect he gets both from the team and other managers in the Premier league.

He went on to explain that he is not sure if the transfer will hold or not, he also stated that every manager’s work depends on the results, which is in turn affected by the team.

“I don’t know if it will happen. Every coach knows that their work depends on results and the team you are at. He’s got a lot of respect from other coaches in the Premier League and he is doing very well at Tottenham.-Emery said.

He continued “They are in a good moment in their season but we want our supporters to see our best work and, in return, we want to feel them pushing us.”

tottenham-somtosportsOn the other hand, Pochettino’s side seats at the 3rd place of the league table, after trashing their last fixture, Chelsea with 3 goals to 1 win. Tottenham are now 8 points behind the league leaders, Manhester city and 3 points behind the second place occupant, Liverpool.

With all i’s dotted and all t’s crossed, we now await the great North London Derby, will the 27 point and 5th placed Emery’s side, be at congruent points with their derby rival, Tottenham or will Pochettino drag his men to be at the same point with 2nd placed Liverpool who are 3 points ahead of them.

No one knows, probably a draw. You can drop your predictions on the comment box below!

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