End Of Chevrolet Era; How Man United Kit Will Look Come Next Season

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The Red Devils announced their deal with the automobile giant to be coming to an end by the end of the season after agreeing and signing new deal

Man United will no longer feature the Chevrolet logo on their jerseys by next season as they set on new path a software based company.

Chevrolet has been the logo on United’s jersey for 7 years now and United are no longer interested in making that an 8th despite having agreed to extend it halfway into next season.

The Manchester based club have now switched sides after Teamviewer confirms of their 5-year partnership with United.

Teamviewer is a company which is dedicated in developing a software that has allowed remote access control between users in separate locations, no matter the distance.

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With PC and internet only needed, with the software installed on both PC’s one can gain master access to the other and control it like the physical person on the PC.

The deal which will mark the biggest shirt only sponsorship deal in the Premier League has been revealed to be worth £235m.

Although, Teamviewer‘s logo is styled in Blue and White color, both parties have agreed to have it only in white color on the Man United’s shirt.

End Of Chevrolet Era; How Man United Kit Will Look Come Next Season 1

The deal which is worth around £45m per season is said to be similar to that of Barcelona‘s Rakuten deal(2016) with United happy to have sealed the contract.

On completing the deal, Man United’s managing director, Richard Arnold said; “We are tremendously proud to be establishing this partnership with one of the most exciting and dynamic global software companies.

“The ability to connect and collaborate has never been more important to the world and our community of 1.1 billion fans and followers. We are looking forward to working with TeamViewer to bring to life our vision for a partnership built on smarter ways of connecting people and businesses.”

It’s also believed the Red Devils are searching for other sponsor for their training kit with AON’s 8-year deal almost exhausted and no sign of a renewal yet.

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