Ernesto Valverde’s Career Fears


Barcelona manger, Ernesto Valverde has recently admitted his fears with the Blaugrana.

The former Athletico boss revealed that he feared that the 2018/2019 season might be his last with the Catalan club.

Despite still having one more year in his contract’s lifeline, Valverde has revealed that his reign at Barcelona might end prematurely.

Valverde’s regime as the boss of Barcelona has been pleasant considering the fact that he has guided the team in lifting the league and the cup trophies.

Photo: Courtesy (Barcelona)

The 54 year old’s directions has seen Barcelona progress to the Champions League’s Round of 16 and as well placed on top of the league table.

“I do not know what I will do next season. In this football, who knows? We all know how things are. I never think long or long term,”
Valverde told Barca TV.

“For us, two months are a very long term. If you win a game, everyone is happy and if you lose, everyone is watching you.

He continues..

“What I want is for everyone to be satisfied with the work. But we are not going to cheat.

“If you do not win the league, everyone looks at the coach because it is marked like that. I try to meet the objectives and, of course, how much we have left, so let’s see it.”

Ernesto Valverde
Photo: Courtesy (Ernesto Valverde)

Of course like every other top flight manager, Valverde has experiences coaching Barcelona which he shared;

“It’s a continuous learning, every day something happens that you have to face in one way or another.”

He continued..
“We all have a common goal: that the club works and is bigger each day, that we play well and that the people are happy.

Ernesto Valverde
Photo: Courtesy (Ernesto Valverde)

“Sometimes you hit them all or you’re wrong in all of them. Everything is analysed.

“But I accept it and I take it well and trying to learn from all this, which is quite intense.”
He said.

Should Valverde leave?

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