Everton frustrates the Red Devils in a 4-0 score

somtosports everton
somtosports everton

Everton has heartlessly smashed Manchester United at Goodison Park in a 4-0 victory over the Red Devils.

Everton came on to elongate the point Ajax are trying to prove; not names produce results instead team spirit does.

The Red Devils arrived Goodison Park with so much confidence that they would end the match in victory, but to their greatest surprise the opposite occured.

Richarlison de Andrade’s bicycle kick kept The Toffees in front at the 13th minute, although David de Gea had earlier on saved a similar shot from the Brazilian.

The Red Devils tried to maintain the heat while devicing a means to equalize but the host team had so much confidence now which eventualy led to a second goal.

Gylfi Sigurdsson managed to find the back of the net from outside the 18 yard box when he swiftly drove his shot into an open space which de Gea wasn’t too quick to respond.

Ole Gunnar was now sorting for a plan B. The first 45 minutes ended with the 2-0 score.

Immediately into the second half, Ole quickly pulled Jones and Fred installing Ashley Young and McTominay respectively with hopes of balancing the equation.

10 minutes later, more salt was added to Gunnar’s injury when Digne fired a strange shot into de Gea’s post.

Now the Red Devils was becoming more uncomfortable with their visit to the Park, but Walcott revealed that he didn’t care how the visitors felt.

In less than 9 minutes, Walcott was found one on one with de Gea and the Englishman carefully placed the ball in a direction that de Gea couldn’t reach, thereby extending their lead to a whooping 4 nil.

But wait a minute! Did Manchester just gave the job to the wrong person?

We will find out soon.

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