FA makes decision on Jürgen Klopp Man United Penalty comments

FA makes decision on Jurgen Klopp Man United Penalty comments

Klopp has been seen lately lamenting on why Man United are awarded more penalties than his side after their sensational 1-0 loss to Saints

Liverpool lost surprisingly to Southampton on Monday night leaving them same points with 2nd placed Man United.

Following actions that transpired during the game time, Klopp has spoken out many times against the referee who officiated the game.

According to Klopp’s statements, Andre Marriner should have awarded his men two penalties in the second half as it was clearly a penalty offence.

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Wijnaldum’s shot which had hit Jack Stephens’ arm and Sadio Mane going down after a tussle with Kyle Walker-Peters were all supposed to have been awarded a penalty according to the former Borussia Dortmund manager.

Speaking on the incident Klopp said; “We had a really good view of it [the Mane incident], and it looked like a clear penalty.

“I turned around to the fourth official and asked if it was going to be checked, he said it already had been and was not a penalty.

“That’s 100 per cent true, and now someone wants to tell me how quick they had it in all these different angles.

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“Last year, there was a penalty against Leicester when people said Sadio Mane goes down too easily – if he goes down easily, we would have had a penalty in this game and the last game, a stonewall penalty, but what Andre Marriner did with Sadio Mane I’m not sure if that’s okay.

“The boy tried everything, had a few great challenges with Walker-Peters. But there were a lot of situations which should have been free-kicks. The last one, when he goes down, you see that back and in the box he hits him in the end with his left foot, that’s a penalty.

“We cannot change. I hear now that Manchester United had more penalties in two years than I had in five-and-a-half years. I’ve no idea if that’s my fault, or how that can happen.”

In reaction to this comment, with the FA having full authority to sanction the manager for comments directing to officials, the body took a decision on the action to take.

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According to the rules, FA can sanction managers who attack officials in their press conference but if only they are attacking the officials’ integrity, being personal in their nature, bias or even disrupts the flow of the game.

Holding onto this, the FA has decided not to sanction Jürgen Klopp after his comments about the referee’s decision.

With a game at hand, just a draw against Burnley would see United floating above the defending Champions.

Both sides will battle each other on the 17th of January after United faced Burnley as they look to travel to Merseyside 3 points above the Reds.

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