Fabregas Jokingly challenges Giorud to a contest

photo 2018 11 30 07 36 32
photo 2018 11 30 07 36 32

Following the recent win over the Greek giants, PAOK, Fabregas and his mates are back to training as they are not planning to give up the title contest.

While in the gym, Fabregas was spotted with his team mate, Oliver Giroud. The duo were comparing their muscles while looking at the mirror.

While doing this, Fabregas challenges the French striker, that he would take two months to have his body structure.

The play-maker, Fabregas didn’t bother that Giroud’s abs is twice his’, instead he went on to put on the challenge.

Let’s sit back and watch to see if there would be any magic transformation on the Spaniard’s body structure, or is he gonna give an excuse in two months time

andrea Christensen-somtosportsSpanish giant, Barcelona are on the other hand, opting out to another team might be a great idea, following his great performances for the team earlier on.

Probably he might not get the play time in other clubs or probably it might just be the gateway for him to a better future. No one knows, we just hope he plays his cards well.

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