Fabregas’ Replacement, Paredes Agrees Terms with Chelsea


Chelsea sets to bring in Cesc Fabregas’ replacement, Paredes from Zenith Saint Petersburg as the player agreed to replace Fabregas at Stamford Bridge.

Before Fabregas’ exit, Chelsea had already started looking for a replacement when and they found Nicolo Barella and Leandro Paredes.

Barella was the most favorite to join the Blues and Paredes considered as the alternative option.

But for several personal reasons the Cagliari player; Nicolo Barella has refused to leave the club thereby submitting Chelsea to their second option; Paredes.

Leandro Paredes
Photo: Courtesy (Leandro Paredes)

Considering Paredes, Chelsea has managed to convince the Argentine into agreeing their terms which he did.

It is now left for Zenith to respond to the £26.5 million offer submitted earlier on by Chelsea.

Chelsea’s further plan now depends on Zenith’s decision; it is either they finalize the deal anytime soon or add more money incase Zenith rejects the one on board or better still source for someone else.

The Russians’ report is back and they are asking for more money, this made the Blues raise the bid to £31.2 million, £8.8 million lesser than what the club actually wants.

Chelsea now awaits Zenith’s response on the recent proposal so as to know their next line of action.

Chelsea are so much in a hurry to get a replacement for their former midfielder, Cesc, considering the fact the Jorginho is being over-worked on the position.

Like the last match which his performance was definitely poor and the manager; Maurizio Sarri confessed as well that he needs a replacement for the wing and not just his frontline which already has his deal close to been finalized.

Chelsea are definitely looking forward to marking their second and third successful deal of the season after Christian Pulisic.

Is Paredes actually the man to replace Super Fab at Stamford Bridge?

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