Fabregas To Reunite With Thierry Henry

fabregas chelsea main
fabregas chelsea main

Chelsea’s midfielder, and Spaniard Cesc Fabregas has agreed on a move to As Monaco where he will be reunited with his former team mate, Thierry Henry.

Fabregas’ contract is just few months away from being lifeless and the Spaniard does not look interested in remaining at Stamford Bridge, considering the fact that his playtime is no more assured at the club.

Chelsea’s manager, Sarri arrived the Club from Napoli and decided to employ an old hand he knew thereby dumping Fabregas’ services.

Although, the manager had recently stated that he does wish for the player to leave the club and that any plan of doing so would entail Jorginho overworking himself cause there is no replacement.

Photo: Courtesy (Fabregas)

Despite been rated as technically important to the squad by Maurizio Sarri, Fabregas believes that opting out would ensure respect for his standard as a player.

Earlier reports claimed Fabregas was in connection with a move that would have in join his team-mate on loan Bakayoko at AC Milan.

Bakayoko has grown from worst to best at San Siro and chances of Fabregas also becoming one of the corner stones of San Siro exists but the player have chosen to head to France to help his potentially relegating friend and team mate, Thierry Henry.

Cesc’s arrival to Stade Louis II is definitely gonna be a stepping stone for AS Monaco to get back to their feet.

Thierry Henry
Photo: Courtesy (Thierry Henry)

Monaco who has been in a very bad shape for a very long time with Henry as their manager might have their savior on his way as Fabregas is expected to complete a move to France next week according to L’Equipe.

Henry and Fabregas
Photo: Courtesy (Henry and Fabregas)

The Spaniard seems so excited that he will be getting to rekindle his relationship with Thierry Henry which lasted for just 4 years while they were still team-mates at Emirate Stadium.

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