Five Key Talking Points From Blues Disappointing Loss Last Night Against Wolves

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The Blues were condemned to a second loss on the bounce to Wolves last night after failing to consolidate on early second half lead afforded by Olivier Giroud.

The Blues looked in control of the game in the early periods but lost it at the most crucial of times.

We take a look at five Key talking points from the loss from a Chelsea perspective.

Havertz was awful

Kai Havertz once again failed to make any impact in the Chelsea team.

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The German was slow, indecisive, lacked confidence once again and never a threat for the Blues.

Some may question why he was left on the pitch for that long.

The German clearly showed he needed more time to adapt to the tempo of the premier league but matches like last night wasn’t for him, with Kante repeatedly fouling as no one was in assistance to help in marking while Matteo Kovacic was on the bench.

Havertz should have been substituted before the eventual Wolves equalizer but manager Frank Lampard still had faith in him. That cost Chelsea a lot last night.

Wasteful Werner

Werner has been under criticism for some time now over his low conversion rate but statistically, it showed the forward isn’t faring as bad as fans claim.

But on a night away to Wolves, Werner should be more calculated and clinical.

The 24-year-old had several one-on-one situations with the opposition defender but utterly failed on all occasions after swapping flanks with Christian Pulisic in the second half.

Perhaps forgivable considering he thrives more as a number nine rather than the flanks but he should at least be threatening the Wolves defense on the night.

Pulisic swapped to the right flank

Perhaps Lampard’s big bad on the night was sending Pulisic to the right-hand flank for Werner to go over to the left.

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Pulisic was having busy night tormenting the Wolves defense with his sleek moves and perhaps would have been instrumental to the goal scored last night had he continued at his left flank.

Werner on the other hand found himself on a number of occasions in a one-on-one position with Wolves defender. Pulisic would be beating his man there, but no, Pulisic was left stranded at the right flank with no balls coming through.

He even had to switch to the midfield a bit to have some feel of the action.

In clearer terms, Lampard took Pulisic out of action in the second half and that eventually cost Chelsea a lot given that Pulisic was the Blues only danger man going forward on the night.

Kovacic bench was crucial to Blues loss

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One would have expected a Kovacic introduction after the Chelsea goal, why???

Because Wolves were certainly going to start pushing for an equalizer. Chelsea needed someone to assist Kante in chasing the balls, making interceptions, maintaining possession, breaking free, and Matteo Kovacic was that man.

Wolves began to threaten, he should have been brought in before the eventual equalizer to solidify the midfield with Havertz clearly overwhelmed by the pace of the game. This was grave for Chelsea loss last night.

Chelsea looked more and more vulnerable with the clock ticking

It was almost as if Wolves were surely going to break loose anytime as Chelsea eventually lost cohesion in injury time.

A disappointing result indeed after controlling the game for much period, the team certainly lacked character on the night and may be the Blues undoing factor this season in the league.

A crunchy West Ham tie is next up at the weekend for the Blues at Stamford Bridge. Can they get back to winning ways?? We keep our hands crossed.

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