Florentino Perez admits Real Madrid Management switch never solved issues

Florentino Perez admits on Real Madrid crises Management switch never solved a thing somtosports
Florentino Perez admits on Real Madrid crises Management switch never solved a thing somtosports

Florentino Perez opens up on the fallout at Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid President; Florentino Perez finally opens up on the state of things at Santiago Bernabeu admitting that their managerial switches never solved a thing.

Florentino Perez seems to be regretting his club’s divorce with Ronaldo as he admits what the problem is at Bernabeu.

In an Interview with Spanish Radio; El Transistor, Perez spoke about Ronaldo, what led to the appointments of Lopetegui and Solari as managers respectively.

The President also spoke about what led to Zidane’s return, James Rodriguez’s hopes of a future with Los Blancos.

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Ronaldo’s Exit

According the president, it’s now understood that Cristano Ronaldo’s exit from Santiago Bernabeu wasn’t because the club refused to help him pay tax debts, as claimed by several medias earlier.

Perez even said that he and Ronaldo didn’t for one day speak about his[Ronaldo] tax issues.

Neither did they ever had a misunderstanding, he stated that CR7 was always punctual and regular to trainings.

Nor was money ever an issue to the both parties, the president also claimed, he summed this by disclosing that Cristano is the best player he has ever had.

Best player not just on the pitch but also in characters.

“I think he already had it quite clear that he wanted new challenges,” Perez said .

Perez linked the exit to Ronaldo’s words at their last Champions league trophy victory at Kiev when the star hinted he was leaving.

“He used that moment to say it, but I think he’d been thinking about it for some time. Perez continued.

“He never created any problems during the nine years at Real Madrid, never once arriving late or anything.

“I think he’s the best player I signed for Real Madrid.
“I always had a great relationship with him.

“We never had any problems, not even over money.

“We never talked about his [tax] debt.”

The President said as he refused to disclose if he as ever spoken to Ronaldo since the shocking transfer, waving this with an excuse that he doesn’t speak about those personal issues.

Zidane’s story.

Perez also added Zinedine Zidane’s exit as another great loss the Spanish Champions incurred last season.

Florentino Perez stated that Zidane already made up his made to leave Los Blancos and nothing could change his mind.

The club had no other option than to grant the French manager his desires.

“He came to my office and told me,” the president said.

“When Zidane decided, there was no turning him around.

“Then the next day we decided to communicate it.

“At that time there weren’t many coaches available.

“All those at clubs had contracts for some time.

“With [Julen] Lopetegui we wanted him to come after the World Cup.

“He wanted to announce it before the World Cup and we spoke with Luis Rubiales and he told us that we were getting a great coach, but then something happened in the afternoon and it all changed and they sacked him.

“Then we didn’t speak with the federation more because he was sacked and we didn’t have to pay a clause because he had been sacked.”

Of course we all know of Lopetegui’s story, the manager was fired after a dissapointing campaign and thereby giving the floor to Santiago Solari.

Solari came on and ended worst than his predecessor, this then led to the return of Zidane.

“We were aware that the season was over for us and decided to prepare for the next season over the final 11 matches,

“Zidane then had desire to return.”He started trying different players with a certain calmness.”

The 72 year old went on to drop a hint on Barcelona historic loss to Liverpool, stating that despite the loss did Los Blancos’ achievements good, he wouldn’t laugh over others tears.

“It’s not that I was happy, but it’s true that the result adds value to what we have done.

“Although I don’t get happy about the sadness of others.”

Transfer matters.

The Spanish business man confirmed that indeed an offer was recieved for Sergio Ramos.

But this isn’t connected to the rumor of a misunderstanding between Ramos and Real Madrid after their Ajax defeat.

“Nothing happened,” he said of the assumed conflict.

“His people have told me that there is a very good offer from a Chinese club, but that they couldn’t pay a transfer fee because there are some rules about having to pay double for transfers.

“What else can I tell him apart from that it’s impossible for Real Madrid to let their captain leave for free?

“It would also be a dangerous precedent. “And that’s that, it was all cordial.

“I love Ramos a lot and have done all I can for him, if I haven’t done more then it’s because I couldn’t.”

Guess, Ramos is remaining at Santiago Bernabeu.

He went on to elaborate on other issues like the Rodriguez-Real Madrid future.

James was supposed to return to Los Blancos as his loan agreement would end next month[June].

But Zidane’s return to the club puts this in doubt and the Colombian is now expected to look elsewhere.

“No decisions [about James] have been made yet,” the president explained.

“I only know what they’ve said, which is that they’re not going to do business with him at the expense of Real Madrid and that seems good to me.”

The club’s keeper, Keylor Navas is expected to leave this summer after his position was denied of him by the arrival of Thibaut Courtois.

Despite having dropped a farewell message sometimes back, Florentino Perez isn’t convinced yet that the Keeper is leaving.

“I haven’t said goodbye to him because I don’t know if he’s going to leave.”

Hazard’s offer.

The president went on to disclose that the club is for now not speaking to Chelsea concerning Hazard.

Due to the fact that the English team has a final ahead of them and it’s unproffesional, speaking about a player to a club setting to go for a final match.

“How are we supposed to talk to a club who are playing in a final?,” asked Perez .

“We’ve been trying for a number of years to make Hazard a Real Madrid player, but we haven’t achieved it yet.

“I’d really like Hazard to come to Real Madrid and really hope he does.

“He is one of the best footballers.”

According to Marca; Bale would be laid off, if Hazard eventually arrived Santiago Bernabeu.

Although the president refused to speak about this.

“I’m not going to talk about players, but we haven’t had any offers for Bale or anyone else,” he said.

Neymar and Mbappe rumors.

Florentino Perez made a shocking revelation when he disclosed that no official talks have been engaged for neither Mbappe nor Neymar.

“I haven’t spoken with Zidane about Mbappe or Neymar, nor have I with anyone else,” Perez claimed.

“Nor have we spoken with Mbappe, nor will we. “Last year we said we didn’t want them and this year is the same.

“If we want a player, we’ll speak to their club.”

“We’re not thinking about players[Neymar and Mbappe],” he said.

“We have to meet with Zidane and see what we want to do.

“We have to buy and sell.”I won’t talk about any player.” He ended as he went on to disclose that Griezmann is also not officially linked to Los Blancos.

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