Former Barca star just died in poverty on the streets.

valdiram caetano somtosports
valdiram caetano somtosports

Football, fame, titles, money, successes … not all players have a dream career. And, unfortunately, more and more cases of players who end up in misery or mental problems.

Difficult to forget is the case of Robert Enke , a German goalkeeper who played for Barça and who was a legend in Hannover and a regular in the German team, who decided to take his own life in 2009, aged 32.

Another issue is that of Adriano ‘El Emperador’, who was seen and labelled; the successor of Ronaldo Nazario .

In the Inter left samples of his quality, but never could surpass the death of his father, assassinated in his native Brazil.

Now, he is a drug and drug trafficker in the Brazilian favelas and looks very careless.

But the protagonist of today is Valdiram Caetano, another Brazilian, who came to play with Romario, culé legend, in Vasco da Gama.

At only 36 years old, the former player was found dead and with signs of violence in the streets of Sao Paulo .

Nicknamed ‘the bad boy’, Caetano stood out more for his stories outside the field than about him.

Before arriving at Vasco, he already had background information on several sexual accusations and drug-related crimes.

He went through nothing more and nothing less than 18 different clubs, until his career hit bottom because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

He even stole several ex-partners.

Without a home, without family and without money, he was admitted to a detoxification clinic. But not like that.

He was never able to leave behind his addictions and his problems, until last weekend, when his body was found.

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