Former Inter President, Moratti names Lautaro an explosion and labels VAR a disaster

Former Inter President Moratti names Lautaro an explosion and labels VAR a disaster
Former Inter President Moratti names Lautaro an explosion and labels VAR a disaster

Former Inter Milan president, Massimo Moratti has expressed his shock on Lautaro Martinez peak forms as he also hinted on how poor the VAR has made Serie A.

Moratti has disclosed that despite everyone knowing Lautaro Martinez is good, but no one expected he was gonna become this good as he termed the 22-year-old current performance as an unexpected explosion.

Known for spending over €1.5b of his personal fortunes on acquiring players during his era as Inter President, Moratti has since 2013 returned to his oil business after selling all his Inter Milan shares to Erick Thohir and afterwards resold to Steven Zhang who is the current Chairman at San Siro.

“I am not surprised because Lautaro is formidable at this time and gives the impression of being a growing player.” Moratti said to TeleRadiostereo.

“Last year he did a championship like this, we knew he had great possibilities but no one expected he could explode in this way and he makes it clear that he still has great potential. I agree with your listeners.”

The VAR in Serie A has been a torn in the butt as its considered to be doing opposite of why it was employed after the AI cancelled multiple goals due to slight offside events on multiple occasions.

Moratti expressed his disappointments for the machine as he termed what was earlier perceived a breakthrough now a “disaster”.

“Honestly emotionally I consider it a disaster, it cuts in half what can be a joy or a fear. Twice you have to jump for the same thing and the second is quite different,” the 74-year-old continued.

“So honestly they hadn’t invented it would have been better, but once put it can’t be removed.”

Inter Milan took the lead of the Serie A after Juventus drew with Sassuolo while they in-turn triumphed over Spal in 2-1 result.

If there is only one person thinking Inter Milan is gonna stay up for longer, then its Moratti as he detailed how safe the club is under Antoine Conte’s control despite him being a former Old Lady.

“Inter Milan is beautiful and I believe that Inter is in the lead with all the possible merit and also playing with great confidence, is a square team that gives great hopes for continuity.

“Conte has re-evaluated all the players and is making them make the most of it,” he added.

“We must continue to think as Conte makes us think, that is, watching a match by game without trusting the rankings but only our own means.

“Then there are many strong players out there like Barella and Sanchez, the return of these here could allow Inter to have the right changes at the right time to continue in the same way.

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