Former Team-mate Rejects Ronaldo’s Offer To Join Him

cr7 somtosports
cr7 somtosports

Despite not winning the Balon d’or, Cristano Ronaldo is still focused on breaking and setting football records as he suggests manpower to strengthen his side.

Following his arrival to Allianz Stadium to join the Old Ladies, Ronaldo has been giving insights on the type of players the team needs to ensure they do not lack manpower at a critical time.

Considered as the world best and a pro, Juventus’ management are really doing as the Portuguese suggests.

Recently, Ronaldo asked that Paris Saint German’s Di Maria should be brought over to Italy to join the team and the management went into work to make sure that they bring the Argentine to Allianz Stadium.

CR7’s request might be left unfulfilled, following the recent update from France, where Di Maria insisted that leaving PSG would mean him going back to his country to join Rosario Central, where he chooses to end his football career.

Di Maria was a major figure in the winning of Madrid’s tenth Champions League title and that is the main reason Ronaldo wants him around him once again.

But things might not turn up well for Juventus concerning the proposed move.

On the other hand, Juventus already has enough resources to see them through to the Champions League final, and probably become the winner.

Ronaldo is just suggesting for back-ups in order to prevent them from suffering a loss due to a key-man’s injury or something else that might keep their trusted players off the pitch.

Di Maria’s deal is not looking promising and Ronaldo will be left to think of another  option to build Juventus’ plan B.

Who do you think, CR7 should go for?

Below is the comment box, you can drop your opinions there while we wait for the  Talisman’s next move on making another choice of back up.

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