Frank Lampard makes shocking claim as he compares his managerial term to his playing days

Frank Lampard makes shocking claim as he compares his managerial term to his playing days

Lampard has been heaped lots of praises since emerging as Maurizio Sarri’s successor.

Lampard is known to be a very star man during his playing days for Blues as he became the club’s all time goalscorer despite being a midfielder.

Frank joined Blues back in 2001 and since then he became a huge success at London, helping the club win 13 trophies, which included their 2012 Bayern Munich trashing Champions League title.

With also three Premier Leagues to his name, the English man’s 13-years career at Blues was honored desirably when he left for Etihad Stadium to join Manchester City.

The former Derby County manager didn’t end his playing career with City as he decided to leave foe New York City to test American football before deciding to term it an end to his career as a player.

Fastly taking up a managerial career, Lampard had great success at Derby County from which he found huge favor in the eyes of Roman Abramovic who decided to put the club’s shaky fate into the hands of the young manager.

Speaking about his role as a manager so far and how different it was as a player, Lampard said;

“The life of a player is a bubble of selfishness to a degree,” he told BBC Sport. “The facts and reality is I realise now it’s much harder than playing in terms of it being consuming.

“The life of a manager is 25 people in the squad, staff in the building, problems with different departments. It’s so far removed from football.

“When you work for your coaching badges, you have to put time in. Then when you start doing it, you have to practise, you have to fail, get better, fail and have relationships with people you never had as a player.

“Players can easily sit there and say they want to be a manager, then they start the road and say: ‘Actually, I want to be a pundit.’ I respect it because being a pundit is tough as well but in terms of management I wanted to test the water.

“A manager gets 50 problems a day. It’s much more consuming but I love it and couldn’t live without it.”

Up to date, Lampard has been applauded for his ability to finish in the top four last season with a young and likely inexperienced squad following the club’s transfer ban.

Although earlier on this season, the former player’s managerial career at Chelsea was threatened due to poor results due to his plans for the squad yet to settle.

“I can be really open that it helped me get the job – playing 13 years at the club helped me get the job,” he added.

“I had to put my ego at the door a bit and say that I might ruin what I achieved in 13 years to a degree – because if it doesn’t go well, I will be judged harshly and quickly.

“I am so driven personally that my biggest fear is myself. If I try to pull the wool over your eyes as Chelsea manager, it’s not going to work.

“My football career put me in a decent position. So if that job is taken away from me, as long as I go in thinking ‘can I do the best job?’ then I think that if I have done the best I can, I will be pretty happy.”

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