Frank Lampard never does this after Chelsea games and here is why

Frank Lampard never does this after Chelsea games and here is why

The Chelsea boss has lifted the lid on the pressures of managing London based team as he also shared his actions each time the club losses a game.

Frank Lampard claims he doesn’t mix up with people each time his boys are denied of all points in a match.

According to the former Man City man, even his wife gave up making plans with him cause he has been such a nightmare each time his side losses a game.

“We’re not allowed to arrange dinners or any kind of get-together after games in case the worst comes to the worst because if we lose I’m a nightmare,” said Lampard.

“I can’t help it, it’s just par for the course.

“I had a year in the media, which was an absolute comedown from the pressures of playing and the pressures I get now, and as Christine will joke I was a much better, easier, relaxed Frank.

“What you need is a really understanding family.”

Lampard went on to stress on his quest to balance work and family as that has proven to be a major problem in most careers.

“A little thing I’m trying to do for my own sanity because you can become overwhelmed by it, I don’t want to look back in years and say I absolutely sacrificed that for the sake of trying to do my job as well as I can,” he told Eddie Hearn in the Radio 5 Live Podcast ‘No Passion No Point’.

“I think there’s a balance you can do and you need an understanding family around you.

“With your children that’s a bit harder because they just want dad, they just want you to give them absolute attention and those are precious moments for me.

“I get home from work and I see their smiles. I know it’s a bit cliched, but it doesn’t half help you when you’ve had loads of problems throughout the day.”

Frank Lampard is under fire to produce results after his £220m transfer splash following the arrival of Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz, Timo Werner and others.

Be it as it may have been, the English man disclosed that he is fully aware he is putting his reputation as a club legend on the line.

“I can be really open about it and it helped me get the job,” he said. “Not many people get the job at Chelsea after one year at Derby.

“But I also think in my own way I deserved it for all the years I put in at the club as a player.

“I understand the pitfalls. I had to put my ego at the door a bit and say I might ruin what I achieved in 13 years to a degree because if it doesn’t go well here, I’ll be judged harshly and very quickly.”

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