Frank Lampard should be replacing Sarri soon despite claims

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard

The saga presently going on at Stamford Bridge might see them bringing back one of their own; Frank Lampard.

Impatience being part of the Chelsea culture would definitely have Sarri forfeit his plans for the Blues as they plan to bring back Frank Lampard.

When I say plans for the Blues; I mean big plans. Bringing in Jorginho and Higuain tells that he is planning something big for the club.

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Every club have their bad days and this isn’t enough reason to show the old man the door.

Reflecting this to AS Monaco’s case, who gave enough time to Thierry Henry despite his flaws.

Maurizio Sarri needs to get off the pressure and focus on his job, focus on making name for the club.

But it seems that the Roman Abramovich doesn’t have much time; and where he is rushing to is what I do not know.

Ever since he took over the club; total of 12 manager has come and gone. Maurizio would make the number 13.

A number 14 is on the way and he is a popular and favorite name in the club; Derby County’s manager, Frank Lampard.

Having made known of his intentions of managing the club someday, Lampard might have already proved his the man for the job.

Having won 17 matches out of 37 with the a team as Derby County, Roman Abramovich might be planning something fishy.

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Although, Frank Lampard has recently waved off plans of returning to the club as a manager but old records of his statements before joining Derby still exists.

Maurizio Sarri needs to buckle up or risk being replaced by Frank Lampard.

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