Gomez’s Potentials Are Unlimited – Klopp

klopp somtosports
klopp somtosports

Despite been temporarily off the pitch due to an injury, Joe Gomez who just renewed his contract with Liverpool has been backed by the team manager, Jürgen Klopp of having unlimited potentials.

Liverpool’s center back, Joe Gomez today extended his contract with Liverpool till six years time.

The English man has been tied down for quite some time now due to the injury he picked while meeting to his own part of the deal with the team.

Gomez has been greatly applauded by his team manager, Jürgen Klopp, who took to the club’s website, liverpoolfc.com to share what he expects and believes when it comes to Joe Gomez. 

He revealed that Gomez is talent defined and that 21 year old would keep on improving through out his time with Liverpool.

The team manager also shared that he expects Gomez to be returning to pitch with high performance as he prepares to be back in the coming month.


“It’s really nice news that makes a lot of sense to everyone involved,” the manager told the club’s website, Liverpoolfc.com.

“Joe’s development and progression has been outstanding in the past couple of seasons and I only see his trajectory heading in an upward direction.

“He is so keen to learn and so keen to improve that I think his potential has no limit. Already this season we have seen him mature on the pitch and the credit for that goes 100 per cent to Joe himself for the attitude he has.

“His versatility is something that makes him even more valuable. He can play centre-half in almost any system you can think of, plus both full-back positions.

“It is no exaggeration to say he is one of England’s best defenders already, but when you keep in mind he is still very young the room for further improvement and development is just so exciting.

“Off the pitch, I think I recently described him as ‘the nicest boy on the planet’ – and I mean it. He is so humble, so grounded, that it is a pleasure for me, my staff and the other players to work with him every day at Melwood.

“I think Liverpool is the perfect home for him now. We benefit from each other – player and club. We are the perfect environment for him to achieve his full potential and he makes our team and squad stronger.

“I love how much he looks to learn from every person in our dressing room. He soaks up the experience, while at the same time finding his own path.


“I’m really looking forward to seeing him take his career to the next level. Of course at the moment he has this injury, but he has already made a big contribution to this season and I have zero doubt when he returns he’ll not skip a beat from the high level he was at.”-Klopp ended.

Klopp’s side recently took the lead on the league table following Manchester city’s loss to Chelsea on Saturday.

Liverpool, been unbeaten in the Premier league has really been working hard since the start of the season in order to lift the trophy at the end of the season.

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